Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills Roundup

I’m nursing a wicked cold right now, so that means no gym time, no hanging out with friends, no real-life shopping. Just me, my computer, Netflix, and a never-ending glass of orange juice. And online shopping. IMO, online shopping only counts if it’s stuff I could actually afford and would wear in real life. Which is why you might see these items in an upcoming outfit post.

Sources: 1) H&M; 2) Forever21; 3) Forever21; 4) Forever21; and 5) Gap.

1) Before we’re up to our shins in snow and it’s “skinny pants + knee high boots” every single freaking day, I want to go wide and baggy (and I’m betting they’re completely comfortable).

2) A fuzzy black cardigan is my new “casual blazer”.

3) I’ve seen quite a few great denim skirts in this shape, but a dark corduroy version works for the office and the weekend.

4) I’m thinking a slim turtleneck underneath and a pencil skirt. Yea? Nay?

5) Gray sweatshirts are my favorite no-brainer. So one with a little bit of detailing is a requirement this fall.


How to Give Great Face

My new favorite thing? Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask. It works as well as it’s name is long.

scary looking but awesome face mask

This mask satisfies so many of my needs.

1) It leaves my skin looking fresh and smooth and just…better than before. That’s the most important part, right?

2) I enjoy peeling things. I know, weird. Show me a door with peeling paint and I can’t walk away with peeling some off. Apparently it’s an OCD-type thing? I dunno. All I know is that after covering my face in what feels like slug slime, I get to peel it off in big strips. It’s heavenly.

3) If you get it on eBay, it’s well-priced and you can easily get two uses out of each packet. It’s like you’re being financially irresponsible if you don’t buy it.

I’m not the only one who loves it. Earlier this week, Tia Williams, the consummate beauty blogger behind Shake Your Beauty, raved about this mask as well. Now go forth, and give good face.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

I’ve…uh…been here for years. Much like when I first started blogging many years and domain names ago, I’m feeling the itch to graffiti the internet with my opinions and shopping habits.

So what’s new now? There’s a new cat. She’s such a bitch. Calliope is still around and even sweeter and spoiled than before. I got a new car, which you don’t have to be excited about but I sure am. I’m a little blonder, which is cool. Also a little rounder, which is less cool. Let’s work on that, yes?

Ready to be BFF’s again? Let’s do this!

Goodbye Kitty

Most people in my life know by now that my cat Chloe died about a month ago. I debated on whether I needed to say anything about it here, but considering how often she popped up in pictures throughout the entire life of this blog, it makes sense to say goodbye to her on A Stylized Hysteria. About a month ago, she was outside after dark and was hit by a car. She was found by a very sympathetic good Samaritan and returned to me. The next morning she was buried in my parents backyard, a place where she spent hours exploring and chasing birds and bugs. I remember the moment I left the house that day. I paused and looked at the open window and told myself “she always comes in when it’s dark; let her enjoy the afternoon in the sun.” I regret that decision every day.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know how much I adore animals (especially cats) and what a big part of my life they are. I can’t imagine a life without these loving, crazy, demanding, furry family members.

A few of my favorite things about Chloe cat:

  • When I brought her home as a six month old kitten, she immediately ran under my bed and stayed there for three days and nights. I was starting to feel like a failure until the fourth day. I came home from work and found her bravely hiding under my clothes hamper. I knew then everything would be okay.

Chloe kitten

  • Chloe was my first cat and I didn’t know that hissing meant “back off.” So she’d hiss at me and instead of leaving her alone I’d pick her up and shower her with kisses. After that, her normal greeting to people she was warming up to was a vicious hiss.
  • As a kitten, she adored running around on my bed when I was trying to make it up. There were so many times I’d find a Chloe-shaped lump under the sheets if I turned my back for a minute.

Chloe Kitten 2

  • She was deeply shy and afraid of humans when I brought her home. When she felt comfortable enough to sleep on my bed with me, I was happy. When our first winter together rolled around and she spent evenings curled up behind my knees on the couch, I was thrilled. When, after three years together, she fell asleep on my chest, I felt so loved and proud to be chosen by her. It was wonderful.
  • Once we moved into my parents house, Chloe discovered the joys of suburban living; mainly, the basement. She would arrive in my bedroom at night with spiderwebs and dust covering her whiskers from her expeditions to the darkest corners of the house.
  • Once Chloe decided she liked me, I never got a good nights sleep again. She was convinced prime snuggling time was between 1-3am. Almost every night I was awoken by a cold, wet nose on my hand or a plaintive meow and kneading of my kidneys. I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night – she trained me well.
  • She turned up her nose at sushi, steak, poached fish, cheese, bread, and sardines. Cat treats held no appeal. Her one indulgence? My mothers various palm trees. They all suffered at Chloe’s hand (mouth).
  • She loved baiting her sister, Calliope, into wrestling matches. She never won a single fight and often ran away in defeat. But she always came back for more. Maybe with a little more time she could’ve developed her right hook and become a lightweight champion.

Chloe Cat


I still sometimes expect her to greet me at the door when I get home from work, but I’m working on it. My friends and family have helped by accepting my overly emotional reaction and letting me talk about her often. A friend painted the most beautiful picture of her, based on one of my favorite photos of Chloe. It truly captures her constant look of disapproval and concern for her silly, overly affectionate guardian who often preferred a night in with her cats than hitting the town.

 Chloe Painting

I’m grateful for what she taught me about patience and responsibility. And I think she knew that she was deeply loved during her life. I’ll miss you, Chloe.

Saints with Style

When macabre meets over the top opulence…this is what you get.

Catacomb Saint

catacomb saint crown

 catacomb pics

Gristly human remains. Ornate jewels. Not staged by a brilliant design house (anyone else getting a little Alexander McQueen from this?) but rather ripped out of Europe’s history. These remains date back to the 15th and 16th centuries and are “catacomb saints.” Apparently saints were way more blinged out than I thought. These photos are courtesy of photographer Paul Koudounaris, who is the only person who has been allowed to photograph these beauties. Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs comes out next month, and I can’t wait ’til it’s on my coffee table. I originally read about this on Gawker and this news article has some further insight on the history of these very luxe corpses.