And I think it’s alright that I do what I like cause thats the way I wanna live

Another day, another long skirt. There’s really no cons to wearing a long skirt. When you walk, it’s nice and cool and breezy. When you’re being attacked by air-conditioning your legs are covered up. They make everyone look taller and don’t require shaving your legs. Yup, a long skirt is the perfect article of clothing.

For those who read yesterday’s rant about consumerism and my pledge to wear most of my clothes before buying any more, there are indeed two new additions to my wardrobe in this outfit.

Picture1 448

Picture1 440

Number one is this super cute and lightweight shirt from urban outfitters. Gifted to me from one of the lovely ladies on fashionism, I think I’ll be wearing this loads as the summer heats up. Number two is my footwear. Every summer, I visit GoJane and buy a few trendy flat sandals at ridiculously low prices. They rarely last past the fall, but for $15-25 bucks a pair, I think I get my money’s worth. These are really comfortable and may just last me a few seasons.

Chloe cat is in her typical formal-wear outfit. Why she insists on wearing fur in the god-awful heat is beyond me. She’s clearly a blue-blood.

Picture1 453

Lastly a close-up of my new favorite necklace. My sister bought it for me when she visited last month. It’s just dainty enough to be worn with nearly everything.

Picture1 450

top- urban outfitters
skirt- asos dress as a skirt
sandals- gojane
long necklace- j.crew
short necklace- urban outfitters
ring- elizabeth and james
Listening to… “J.A.R.” by Green Day