Fun in Boston

The Handle Bar

As I’m typing this I’m also shifting uncomfortably in my seat. My ass hurts, guys. So very much. Why, you ask? (I know you didn’t actually ask about my ass, but get ready to hear about it anyway).

Last night, I went to The Handle Bar in South Boston. It’s a boutique cycling studio, similar to the spin classes at your gym, except hyped up on amphetamines. I took a few traditional spin classes about 3 years ago and thought I knew what to expect. Hah!


Holly, the chick covered in sweat a.k.a me, and Kristen.

The Handle Bar provides each student with a towel (good lookin’ out, bro) and help newbies set up their bikes and secure our shoes, since they require students wear specialty cycling shoes that can be rented at the front desk. Our instructor, Elise, took us through a quick warm-up then pushed the class through one of the most intense cardio workouts I’ve ever had. There were hills, speedbumps, and flat road sprints. Pretty sure we climbed the cycling class equivalent of Mount Kilimanjaro, but my clouded brain (caused by a mini heart-attack) may be distorting my memory. Things got really interesting when we pulled out weighted bars and did a short but effective arm workout while riding. I was grateful when class ended because damn, it was hard. But I already find myself thinking about how to work it into my workout rotation, as I clearly have the stamina of an elderly bunny and need some help. Be warned, The Handle Bar doesn’t have changing rooms (and only 2 bathrooms), and the lack of showers made for an interesting ride home – sorry fellow MBTA passengers, I swear I don’t normally smell that bad! But I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle (once my ass stops hurting).

Shipping Out to…Wrentham

Since I moved, I’ve been totally focused on unpacking, cleaning, and figuring out how to take the apartment from bachelor pad to…anything other than bachelor pad. I took a break this past Sunday for a special shopping trip to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets with Lei Ann, Sami, Kara, and Kristen. I hadn’t been there in a while, but I remember finding great deals when I had gone in years past. Let me just say…it’s totally worth the trip!

 (Photo taken by Lei Ann)

After a yummy brunch at OAK Long Bar & Kitchen in the Fairmont Copley (the french toast rocked my world), we headed out Wrentham and were treated to a quick tour and learned about the stores that had recently opened, like Max Studio, and stores that had been there for a while and I’d totally been missing out on, like Joe’s Jeans.


Need jeans in every color of the rainbow? They’ve got you covered. I left with a pair of skinny jeans in a perfect grey-tinged wash and a cropped sweater and I seriously love both and plan to spend all weekend in this outfit.

joes jeans


My favorite find of the day? This VPL dress at Off Saks. I’m a huge fan of the brand and this is my first piece from them. And trust me, the price was right!


Thank you to Fairmont Copley and Wrentham Village Premium Outlets for putting together this awesome shopping trip!


**I was given gift cards by Joe’s Jeans and Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, but content and opinions are my own, yadda, yadda, yadda**

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Hair. It’s kind of a big deal. While I like to experiment with my hair (styles, cuts, and colors) I always want it to look good. And when it doesn’t look good, I feel so much less put-together and ready to face the day. Sad but true. When I heard Blo Blow Dry Bar was coming to Boston, I was intrigued. When I realized it was opening about 4 blocks from my office, I officially got excited. Blo is a speciality salon chain, and the speciality is blow-outs. Just blow-outs. The stylists don’t even keep scissors! It’s a concept I can totally get behind – a professional blow-out is my ultimate pick-me-up.


I was invited to check out the new location on Columbus Ave and get a complimentary blow-out on Friday. I walked into a salon that I could have decorated myself: sleek and bright white with tons of hot pink accents (including rosé  champagne). Oh so pretty!

After a quick chat with my stylist, I decided on loose curls with lots of volume. And they really delivered. I’ve never seen my hair so big! Texas housewives would have been in awe and accepted me as one of their own. After letting the volume settle down a bit, I went home to an exciting night of watching tv and relaxing. But! When I woke up my hair was still super soft, shiny, and had the perfect amount of second-day wave and body. Blo scored extra points with me for having a great lightweight but effective hairspray (planning to pick some up soon) and a multicultural staff that mirrors the diversity of the South End.


At $35 a blo, I think I’ll be skipping my traditional mani-pedi Friday post-work treat and indulging in gorgeous hair.

Red, White, and Blues

I love my denim. I admire women who wear dresses and skirts all the time, but I love the comfort and ease of jeans. But my jeans collection has lost its luster. Seriously, every morning I go to grab a trusty pair of jeans and I feel ennui. I’ve worn these all before. They no longer excite me. Only Henri understands my malaise. But unlike Henri, I have a chance to swap out all my old jeans for new-to-me pieces at the July 18th Swapaholics denim swap. I think you should come. Especially if you’re a size 27 or 28. Not because I want your jeans, but because I will be bringing 5 or 6 pairs of awesome jeans. For you. Because I ate too much pizza care. Want to come? Want 25% off? Use discount code HYSTERIA when you purchase a ticket.

 See you there!



Rag & Bone in Boston

This past Friday, I went to the new Rag & Bone store on Newbury Street. Why? Well, the promise of free champagne and snacks is usually enough to get me in the door. But as an added bonus, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, the design duo behind Rag & Bone were in town. I wish I had gotten to meet them because I would’ve asked where they came up with name for the brand. If you aren’t familiar with the line, feast your eyes on some of the loveliness these guys have created:


Nice stuff, right? I wouldn’t be mad if their entire summer collection made its way into my closet. While the clothes (and adorable mini lobster rolls) were enticing, I found my attention focused elsewhere for most of the evening.

 Sadly, he was not for sale.  In all seriousness, did you know football players come that cute? I’ve got to start watching more sports! Thanks to Lani for capturing this shot.


The official Boston Bloggers Rag & Bone Fan Club, otherise known as Renata, Marissa, Lani, moi, Sami (who took this photo), and Kara.

Thanks to Kortenhaus Communications for inviting me!