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How to Give Great Face

My new favorite thing? Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask. It works as well as it’s name is long.

scary looking but awesome face mask

This mask satisfies so many of my needs.

1) It leaves my skin looking fresh and smooth and just…better than before. That’s the most important part, right?

2) I enjoy peeling things. I know, weird. Show me a door with peeling paint and I can’t walk away with peeling some off. Apparently it’s an OCD-type thing? I dunno. All I know is that after covering my face in what feels like slug slime, I get to peel it off in big strips. It’s heavenly.

3) If you get it on eBay, it’s well-priced and you can easily get two uses out of each packet. It’s like you’re being financially irresponsible if you don’t buy it.

I’m not the only one who loves it. Earlier this week, Tia Williams, the consummate beauty blogger behind Shake Your Beauty, raved about this mask as well. Now go forth, and give good face.

30 Second Review: NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil


NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil


Many moons ago, I was sucked into the face oil hype and tried out one from a major brand with a great reputation. It was a disaster. I went from oily to oiler, red, and covered in pimples. I swore them off for nearly a decade. But this past winter my skin’s been drier than normal and after a rave about this face oil on Fashionism, I scored a sample. As George Takei would say..


It is fantastic. It leaves my skin glowing and soft and creates a fantastic base for my foundation and concealer. It hasn’t broken me out at all, and I’ve been using it both morning and night. Of course, a little bottle of this magic is pricey. I was able to use my Spehora VIB member points for 3 sample sizes which will last me a while (you only need 2-3 pumps per use). Once it’s gone, I’ll likely fork over the dough. It is worth it!

30 Second Review: Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation


Foundations promise so much – poreless skin, no wrinkles, and the radiance of an angel brought to earth with a few swipes. Most are pretty good, some are great, some are utter crap. This? This stuff is just beyond.

 Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Foundation is made with fancy oils and science-y things that I don’t quite understand but it’s weightless and incredibly light. It’s basically bottled Photoshop/airbrushing. It’s very sheer, so you’ll need a little concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles. But redness, dullness, pores? All magically gone. I find myself reaching for it even on days when I’m just running a few errands nearby and I don’t really need any makeup – because I look 1000% better with it on.

 So yeah, it’s Armani which means it’s expensive. It’s worth it. Not just because you only need a few drops to cover your entire face but because it’s so freaking awesome. Go to the Armani counter, get a sample (I wear shade 7, for reference), fall in love with it, and then email me with effusive proclamations that I’ve drastically improved your quality of life. I’ll take gifts in the form of kittens.


To sum up…

When I brought home a sample and got ready to try it on:


After putting it on for the first time:


And now, whenever I catch my reflection in a mirror and I have it on:



30 Second Review: MAC Pressed Pigment in Deeply Pressing


So bad. OMG SO BAD.

You might as well dunk your entire face in a vat of glitter. The fallout from this eyeshadow is that bad. I tried it with an eyeshadow primer and I tried it wet. Aside from the immediate sparkly fall-out that covered my cheeks when I put it on, within a couple of hours, glitter had migrated from my upper eyelids to my under eye area, my nose, cheekbones, and even my chin. This is going right back to MAC and I’m avoiding all of the colors in the Pressed Pigment line.


Well, that’s not 30 seconds of reviewing, so here’s a gif of Hulk Hogan blowing glitter in Dolly Parton’s face.

30 Second Review: Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

In the past few months, I’ve tried out some new products. Some are great, some aren’t. So I’m bringing back my 30 Second Reviews in addition to my monthly What I’m Loving Now posts.



Well…I didn’t like it. After using a generous sample from Sephora for two weeks (morning and night), I’m underwhelmed. The texture has that silicone slip to it, so it goes on smoothly. I’m not a fan of products with silicones in general, though. It has a very subtle shimmer, which wasn’t good or bad; once patted onto my under eye area, the shimmer became unnoticeable. So why didn’t I like it? It didn’t make a difference in my dark circles at all, it didn’t feel particularly moisturizing, and my concealer creased more than it normally does over the cream. I’m going to stick with Philosophy’s Miracle Worker eye cream for now.