Customize Your Gear


If you read any other Boston-based fashion blogs, you’ve probably heard about Zoora, a startup from our lovely town that features an interesting idea and a great group of folks working to make it happen. Haven’t heard of Zoora yet? It’s an online boutique stocked with independent designers (from Boston and beyond). The cool part? The items you see on the site are samples, and when you order, you provide your measurements and you get a custom-fitted, tweaked-by-you piece of clothing. I rely on my tailor to take so much of my wardrobe from blah to awesome. That’s the power of having clothes that fit well. I think it’s a great idea, and I can’t wait to see how the public responds to this idea.

And the folks behind Zoora? Well, they threw a kick-ass launch at the Apple store and the following week they had a trunk show with sample pieces and Magners and cupcakes. I think you know by now the road to my heart is paved with alcohol and sugary snacks. And admiring the outfits put together by fellow fashion bloggers.


Aubrie (the creator and brains behind Zoora) and Brittany from Brilliance of B.

Naomi M. I can’t even decide what part of her look is the best. Is it the bangs, the bright jade color, or her adorable pose?


Lea and Lei Ann.


The lovely Holly getting interviewed by a Boston Globe reporter and sporting a skirt from Emily Muller that available on Zoora.


Me. In a ridiculous  AWESOME hat. My outfit pic is coming in another post.


Here’s a few of the pieces available at Zoora. Being that I have the attention span of a sandfly, I did’t get the names of the designers. I know- you’re not angry at me, you’re just disappointed. :( Go visit the site so you can fall in love with the pretty clothes like I did.



The entire Zoora team, and in the front, Joe from Rescue. He is very good an enabling young women to buy leather dresses. More on that in another post.