Dubious Trend: High End Platform Sneakers

These days, you can’t visit a street style blog without seeing a least a few pairs of those Isabel Marant hidden-wedge sneakers (or their lower-priced counterparts).


There’s a special place in my heart for “ugly” trendy pieces. But I can’t seem to get on board with these. See, I look at them and I see this:

House slippers, masquerading as sneakers. Not be worn above the age of 4.


with a little of this mixed in:


Yo Kid! Yo Play! Yo 1994, how ya been?


I did a little google searching to find some chic outfits featuring these sneakers. I kind of feel like every single one of these outfits would be better with different shoes. What do you think? Am I missing the boat? Are these so fantabulous that I can’t even wrap my mind around them? Or are they just really, really bad?