I Wanna Be Somebody…

Ahh, Thanksgiving Day. This was one of the best Thansgiving’s I’ve had in recent years. I often have a hard time with Thanksgiving- there are too many obligations and the weather has usually turned from crisp to bone-chilling. It overwhelms me and I hide from the weather, the people, the happiness that sometimes seems out of my reach. But this year, I had a great time at my sister’s parents-in-law.

Clearly I couldn’t leave the gothic-ness behind completely, so I opted for grey and black. And tight clothes on Thanksgiving! Trust me, I knew to take pictures before dinner and spare you my food baby.


DSC_0805bNew bib necklace from Aldo. For a trendy piece, the price was right, baby!

shirt- h&m
dress- forever21

Listening to… “Be Somebody” by Kings of Leon