I was Never Much of a Peter Pan Fan

I mean, Hook was pretty cool. But the cartoon just never really did it for me. How could it stand against my childhood favorites like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin? However, I’ve got a real thang for peter pan collars right now. They’re a little innocent, reminiscent of British school children. And secretly, I wish I was British.

I even say “bloody hell” on occasion.

dress as a shirt- consigned
pants- Gap
shoes- Dolce Vita

I found this dress at Rescue Consignment and fell in love. I’ve never actually worn it as a dress, though. I always tuck it into pants. Eventually I’ll get off my ass and bring it to the tailor and have the bottom hacked off.

I’m surprised at how relaxed I look in this picture, since I risked life and limb to pose in that particular spot. Don’t believe me? LOOK.

Picture1 228

No, I’m not overreacting. I’m quite sure he could have killed me in one swift motion.


And I decided to move my arm party down to my feet. Warning: close-up of feet up ahead!

Picture1 233
It’s about two…thousand coats of Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday nail polish.