Illegal Tender

Part II of the unveiling of my new items. Oh hai new top and new shooz! The top is from H&M and they have a massive section devoted to T by Alexander Wang knock-offs designer-inspired pieces. The top is actually a dress that reaches about mid-thigh in the back (it’s a little too short in the front to wear as a dress) and I swear that earlier in the day I was browsing shopbop and saw the T by A.Wang version and thought “ooooooh. pretty.”

Picture1 458

Picture1 463

The shoes are a total impulse buy from Aldo. I went to the mall to get out of my oven-esque apartment and, well, they were begging to come home with me. I avoid Aldo normally (their shoes are not comfortable) but the low heel and ankle support makes these walkable. Do they seem vaguely reminiscent of Chloe (the clothing/shoe brand, not the cat) to you as well?
shirt- H&M
corduroy pants- gap
heels- aldo
belt- banana republic