My god pouts on the cover of the magazine.


Another casual weekend outfit. I was running around, getting some random items I needed and I decided to stop in to Filene’s Basement. Dude. They had a huge selection of designer pieces that I couldn’t resist rifling through. I was sort of amazed by the variety of designers and cool stuff they had. I also completely embarrassed myself by emitting a slightly erm… passionate moan when I found a pair of Haider Ackermann metallic printed leggings. Everyone in the vicinity quickly moved away from me. Whoops. Of course I couldn’t afford anything, even at Filene’s Basement prices. But it was great to try on some things and admire the beautiful fabrics.
blazer- J.Crew
hoodie- Gap
tshirt- J.Crew
jeans- Gap
shoes- Steve Madden
Really didn’t plan for my whole outfit to consist of Gap and J.Crew!
Listening to… “Starfuckers, Inc.” by Nine Inch Nails