I tried to salvage this photo, which came out terribly. As if the shoes aren’t bright enough, the dress is that yellow-green neon shade that is notoriously hard to photograph. I ordered the dress months and months ago and was pissed when I received it and realized it’s completely sheer. It took another couple of months to find something to layer underneath. And still I went all summer without wearing it. Since it was the last weekend of August, I figured I might as well break it out.

I wore it to Bond lounge in the Langham Hotel in Post Office Square. Bond, by the way, is gorgeous, the music is great, and the drinks are stiff. If you’re in Boston, you should visit. I got quite a few compliments on my outfit, albeit from some very drunk folks. I’m debating on wearing this dress during the day. Yay? Nay?
dress- T by Alexander Wang
dress (underneath)- H&M
shoes- Dolce Vita