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Red, White, and Blues

I love my denim. I admire women who wear dresses and skirts all the time, but I love the comfort and ease of jeans. But my jeans collection has lost its luster. Seriously, every morning I go to grab a trusty pair of jeans and I feel ennui. I’ve worn these all before. They no longer excite me. Only Henri understands my malaise. But unlike Henri, I have a chance to swap out all my old jeans for new-to-me pieces at the July 18th Swapaholics denim swap. I think you should come. Especially if you’re a size 27 or 28. Not because I want your jeans, but because I will be bringing 5 or 6 pairs of awesome jeans. For you. Because I ate too much pizza care. Want to come? Want 25% off? Use discount code HYSTERIA when you purchase a ticket.

 See you there!



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  • Kristen July 8, 2012, 10:10 pm

    Considering at the last swap I snagged a pair of your jeans that fit me to perfection, I’d love to come. Alas, I have a previous engagement that night :( Maybe I’ll send my swappable jeans with you so you can come home with more goodies?

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