Silver is the new Gold

Yawwwn. For someone who didn’t do a lot this weekend, I sure am tired. Maybe it’s been the existential crisis I’ve been experiencing with my hair. I’ve reached that length (and time of year) that drives me crazy. My hair gets tangled up in my scarf and coat and stuck under my bag handle. I’ve been going through pictures of the various hairdo’s I’ve had over the years, which has just left me even more undecided. Shorter? Longer? Wavy? Straight? Bangs? I need a hair fairy to walk up to me, tell me the absolute best look for my hair, and then, umm, do my hair for me. Any thoughts on your end to solve this crisis (other than telling me to quit the dramatics)?


I wore this on Friday to go to Sowa’s open studios. If you’re in Boston, it’s a great way to spend Friday night. Head over to 450 Harrison Ave and you can peruse the many artist studios that will be open to the public, and there’s a huge vintage market too! I spent the evening at Emily Muller’s studio, simultaneously admiring the clothes and cursing my teeny bank account. I wore my DIY silver-sleeved blazer in honor of Holly’s birthday, since she is the most creative person I know.




blazer- Swapped and then painted
turtleneck- H&M
shirt- J.Crew
jeans- Lands End Canvas
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell