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Ugh Winter

I want to make a line of winter hats that say “I’m not really this fat. I’m just wearing a ton of layers. Winter, ya’know?”

Some of you may know that I’m not a born and bred ‘merican. I was born in the Caribbean, spent a few years in Chile, and then was plopped in Boston just in time to enter grade school. I wasn’t made for this weather! Doesn’t matter than I’ve been here 20+ years, my genes ache for the humidity and heat of the tropics. So in the winter, I layer. I’m talking long johns or fleece stockings, thick socks (or two if I can get away with it), pants, and knee high boots. Not to mention a tank top, a long sleeved undershirt, and a sweater. At least. Skirts require two pairs of fleece tights and thigh-high socks. And yes, this is all topped off with my Michelin Man puffy coat.

Right around this time of the year, I get real tired of it. The layers, the pants that won’t zip because I’ve stuffed two other pants underneath them, and feeling like I might Hulk out of my coat because I’m wearing four or five shirts. So…this is what you wear when you can’t bear the thought of anymore layers and you just want to wear your skinny jeans without feeling like a busted can of biscuits. Look, that’s the smile of someone whose thighs aren’t crying.

Surprise! I'm only wearing knee high socks under here!

sweater – Vince
tee – American Apparel
jeans – Levi’s
necklace – vintage
sneakers – DSW

Finding Simplicity

As I mentioned before, my shoe collection is lacking. Especially when it comes to flats. I’m picky. They need to show at least a touch of toe cleavage, they have to be well-made, and if they cut into the back of my heel I will set them on fire. Also, according to my sister I have “peasant” feet which probably makes it that much harder to find flats. Oh, and they have to be affordable. I’ll pony up for boots and gorgeous heels, but flats are so simple that I can’t bring myself to pay a lot for them.

So you can imagine my excitement at finding purrfect flats. Well, kind of. Lands End Canvas is the hipper, trendier off-shoot of Lands End. While perusing their sale rack (an extra 70% off of sale prices!) I found one pristine black flat. No embellishments, a solid bottom, and nicely low-cut in the front. I was determined to get them, even though the only other side I found was a half size too small. Hey, leather flats for $10? I’ll take it. I brought the smaller side to a cobbler, had it stretched, and now I’m in plain black flat heaven. That’s called thinking out of the (shoe) box, people!




Oh, yeah, there’s an outfit too.


button-down shirt- Express
top- American Apparel
skirt- H&M
flats- Lands End Canvas
necklace- DIY


Hi! I’m still alive! Between a work conference, workin’ on my fitness, and living through the grey days of winter, I haven’t even thought about wearing a cute outfit, let alone blogging about it. It’s no coincidence that today, the day I put on something nice, is the first sunny and warm day in Boston for a while.

I lusted after these bright pink J.Crew pants for months. By the time I got comfortable with the idea of paying full price, they were sold out everywhere. But now, they are mine and they were on sale and I loooove them. Figuring out what to pair them with was a bit tough, though. I decided to save my brain power for accessories and grabbed my fallback,  a button-down shirt. At what point does a piece of clothing go from being a “signature” piece to something you default to without making any real effort?



shirt- American Apparel
belt- vintage
pants- J.Crew
shoes- Enzo Angiolini
necklace- DIY
bracelets- Vintage from Etsy; I painted the neon ones

Caught in the Act

First of all, thank you for all the wonderfully sweet comments on my post about my mother and my anniversary of moving home. Every single comment made me beam with pride for my mom. Thank you!

Now onto the clothes. Stripes are a classic that have been especially popular in the last few years, making it easy to find numerous striped pieces. But finding the perfectly sized stripes in the perfect color combination in the perfect fabric? Ugh. So. Hard. I don’t think this is my perfect striped sweater, but it comes pretty close. And since it’s so cute (and I’m so lazy), it got worn quite a bit this past week.


Exhibit A:


Monday afternoon, catching a little sun in the lovely warm weather. I wore another striped shirt under the sweater for contrast (and to cover my ass) and mixed things up a little more with this leopard print hat. I also posed like a frog.

See a familiar tail in the corner of this photo? It’s getting impossible to keep Chloe away from the camera!


Exhibit B:



Thursday for work. I added more stripes but stuck with the black and white theme. And again with Chloe! Clearly she wanted to show how well she matched my outfit.


Exhibit C:


Ok, this isn’t an outfit. But I suspected one of two felines were chomping on our houseplants. Bad Chloe!


Outfit 1
sweater- American Apparel
shirt- Topshop
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Steve Madden
hat- Target (sold out and bought via ebay)

Outfit 2
sweater- American Apparel
skirt- no name brand (but a similar skirt could be easily found at Forever21, I’ll bet)
boots- Report
necklace- H&M