My next girl will be nothing like my ex-girl

Even with the extra hour thanks to Daylight Saving Time, the weekend was still too short. I finally wrapped up a DIY I started weeks ago and caught up on my blog reading. And then it was Sunday evening and I got excited because even though it meant the weekend was over, my new favorite TV shows were on. Have you seen Once Upon a Time yet? It’s a fun take on classic fairy tales. And Robert Carlyle plays Rumpelstiltksin, which infinitely adds to the awesome. And there’s The Walking Dead. This season has been fantastic so far (although there could be a little more zombie carnage)!

And because this is a fashion blog, not a “what did I watch on tv blog,” here are some outfits from last week and yesterday.

DSC_0118 sweater- Old Navy
dress (as a skirt)- forgot the brand, sorry!
boots- Miz Mooz


DSC_7983 sweater- J.Crew
vest- Topshop
skirt- H&M
tights- Express
boots- Jeffrey Campbell


dress- Topshop via Rescue Consignment
vest- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden

My Spirit Animal is the Magpie

I’m taking a break from my self-imposed blogging break to share my newest DIY. Seeing as I have no plans to bear children, this will likely be my most favorite and best creation.

A few weeks ago, I saw this picture.

I knew I had to try and make something similar. I spent weeks looking for a cheap pair of boots to glitterize. I found some pretty decent options, but I ended up going with a pair of new Aldo boots. Kind of goes against the DIY- ideal, but I wanted something comfy since I know I’ll end up wearing them pretty often.

There are a few different instructions for this floating around (try here or here), but the instructions are pretty damn simple. You need: boots, fine sandpaper (give your boots a quick sanding before starting), clear craft glue, and glitter. I used a coarse gold glitter and a finer orangey-rust glitter, and I also grabbed a fine-tipped glue applicator for the corners.

Oh, how the glitter flew. After letting the glue dry for a few days, I stomped around outside to get the excess glitter off. I’m not going to lie, leaving a trail of glitter when I walk is pretty much the best thing ever.

The whole project took about 40 minutes, maybe. But the need to glitter wasn’t completely out of my system and a starfish was a casualty of the glitter war. Luckily, the cats were outside for most of the day and managed to avoid my glitter-encrusted grasp. For now.

Oh, right, back to the boots. Check ‘em out, yo!





blazer- swapped
shirt- H&M
jeans- Gap
bracelets- Forever21

Come As you are. As you were.

Do you know that Kurt Cobain took his own life 17 years ago today? It’s so odd to think that I was only 10 years old when it happened and yet I was already listening to so much Nirvana. I remember my friends and the older kids being horrified at the loss of someone we all related to, or wanted to relate to. To be honest, it still makes me a little sad.

In general, my mind has been thinking 90’s. Going back into your high school bedroom will do that to ya. I’ve been rediscovering the grunge music that helped me achieve ultimate moodiness as a teenager. I’m thinking fondly back on the one pair of JNCO jeans I owned and my Rage Against the Machine t-shirt with the gun-toting nuns on it. I’m remembering my awesome Courtney Love impression (it’s easy, just strum a guitar and scream obscenities as loud as you can). And I’m thinking long dresses and combat boots look pretty damn cool. I’m not the only one- I tweeted a pic of this outfit and got a pretty positive response. Perhaps we’re all a little homesick for the 90’s. Shall I set up a slumber party for everyone? We can watch The Craft and listen to this awesome new band, Garbage.

long floral dress forever21

floral dress forever21 steve madden combat boots

sweater- H&M
dress- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden

Well, that’s life

There’s good news and bad news. The good news? I found a place to live! Come March 1, I’ll be settled into a cute albeit teeny apartment in Cambridge with a new roommate. And…the closet space is good. Really good! The bad news? When I move, there’ll probably still be mountains of snow on the ground. Stupid northeastern winters. As if it isn’t enough that I have to go to work in this gross, freezing weather, los gatos malos have taken to laying on my bed and staring at me as I bundle up to leave. Pretty sure Chloe Cat sticks her tongue out at me and laughs. Jerk. I may or may not have thrown a snowball at her on Wednesday. She deserved it.

I wore this outfit last week and I’m wearing a variation on it today. I’ve decided it’s my presentation outfit. As in, it’s warm and comfortable but polished enough to make a presentation to a crowd. Hopefully you recognize the skirt from the latest clothing swap I attended. I debated in hemming it above the knee, but the longer length works really nicely with boots. I…don’t really have an explanation for the expression on my face.

business casual outfit full skirt banana republic gap

sweater- Gap
shirt- Express
skirt- Banana Republic via The Swapaholics clothing swap
boots- Miz Mooz

Fall Trends

Fall is getting closer, like the icy touch of the grim reaper. Sorry, I have tunnel vision these days. It’s preventing me from enjoying the upcoming crisp air, and forcing me to focus on the impending snowstorms and deep freezes in the future.

I’m attempting to get excited about the new season here. For the most part, I don’t think we’re seeing anything new for fall; it’s the same deep colors, tailored cuts, menswear, and platform heels we’ve seen for the past few seasons. Nevertheless, there are a few trends that I’m excited about.

Leopard Print

Forever21 dress
I think I’m most excited about incorporating this print in my closet. It can look incredibly trashy or chic, depending on your styling. This dress, for example, is pretty… not good on it’s own. But lose the terrible belt and tuck it into high-waisted, wide-leg pants and becomes classy.



A.L.C. striped dress
Okay, stripes aren’t necessarily a trend for fall. But I love them they way most pop singers love auto-tune. This dress? tunic? would look great with leather pants.



Mackage leather pants

My wardrobe is seriously lacking leather. I bought a leather tank top over the summer, but it doesn’t fit quite right. Leather pants would make me feel like such a badass.



Only Hearts lace vest
So pretty. I love this with a wool skirt and silk blouse.



American Eagle cardigan

Okay, this might be the only thing about cold weather that I like. Big sweaters like this make me feel like I’m wrapped in a giant blanket. This sweater is especially blanket-like.


Over the knee boots

Sigerson Morrison
Ah, yes. Hooker boots. If I don’t end up with leather pants (and come on, I’m broke. I can’t afford leather pants), I could just wear these with a short dress and pretend they’re pants. Right?

Tell me, what trends/styles am I missing?