The Handle Bar

As I’m typing this I’m also shifting uncomfortably in my seat. My ass hurts, guys. So very much. Why, you ask? (I know you didn’t actually ask about my ass, but get ready to hear about it anyway).

Last night, I went to The Handle Bar in South Boston. It’s a boutique cycling studio, similar to the spin classes at your gym, except hyped up on amphetamines. I took a few traditional spin classes about 3 years ago and thought I knew what to expect. Hah!


Holly, the chick covered in sweat a.k.a me, and Kristen.

The Handle Bar provides each student with a towel (good lookin’ out, bro) and help newbies set up their bikes and secure our shoes, since they require students wear specialty cycling shoes that can be rented at the front desk. Our instructor, Elise, took us through a quick warm-up then pushed the class through one of the most intense cardio workouts I’ve ever had. There were hills, speedbumps, and flat road sprints. Pretty sure we climbed the cycling class equivalent of Mount Kilimanjaro, but my clouded brain (caused by a mini heart-attack) may be distorting my memory. Things got really interesting when we pulled out weighted bars and did a short but effective arm workout while riding. I was grateful when class ended because damn, it was hard. But I already find myself thinking about how to work it into my workout rotation, as I clearly have the stamina of an elderly bunny and need some help. Be warned, The Handle Bar doesn’t have changing rooms (and only 2 bathrooms), and the lack of showers made for an interesting ride home – sorry fellow MBTA passengers, I swear I don’t normally smell that bad! But I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle (once my ass stops hurting).

Red, White, and Blues

I love my denim. I admire women who wear dresses and skirts all the time, but I love the comfort and ease of jeans. But my jeans collection has lost its luster. Seriously, every morning I go to grab a trusty pair of jeans and I feel ennui. I’ve worn these all before. They no longer excite me. Only Henri understands my malaise. But unlike Henri, I have a chance to swap out all my old jeans for new-to-me pieces at the July 18th Swapaholics denim swap. I think you should come. Especially if you’re a size 27 or 28. Not because I want your jeans, but because I will be bringing 5 or 6 pairs of awesome jeans. For you. Because I ate too much pizza care. Want to come? Want 25% off? Use discount code HYSTERIA when you purchase a ticket.

 See you there!



Who Needs Reasons When You’ve Got Heroin?

People often talk about the high that comes from shopping, especially finding something amazing on sale. If shopping is a high, then I shall spend the rest of my life chasing the dragon of the Stel’s bag sale. A friend casually mentioned to me that Stel’s, a boutique with a great mix of edgy and refined clothes from very cool labels, was having a sale. You purchase a paper shopping bag for $25, $50, or $75 (depending on the size) and you fill it with sale items.

Holy hell, right?

I got there about 15 minutes after the store opened and was greeted by just a few other hardcore bargain shoppers. I tried on a ton of stuff, including high-waisted Alexander Wang pants, Opening Ceremony pleated wool trousers, and Surface to Air dresses. For every 3 things I tried on, 2 of them went back on the racks. But don’t feel bad for me, I managed to stuff a bag with some amazing finds. Now here’s where the bragging rights come in: Had I purchased everything at full price, I would’ve paid probably $1500, $1600 total. What did I pay? $50. freaking. dollars. Yeah, I’m dusting my shoulders off right now (shopping pimp)! Here’s a teaser of a few of the items I got…


Picture1 188Surface to Air grey blazer


Picture1 189Gary Graham silk skirt


Picture1 191Opening Ceremony linen shirt. Great for work.


Once the weather gets a little better, I’ll start wearing some of my fun new finds!

Pretty Sparkly Things

I’ve been invited to jewelry shows and sales before, but they’ve never piqued my interest. Why? First of all, my jewelry budget is more Forever21 than Tiffany’s and secondly, if I have money it’s going towards clothes. Or cat costumes. But I received an invite from Persona Jewelry to view a new collection from Atelier Minyon and I fell hard for the sparkly, slightly gothic pieces.

Once there, I was treated to yummy food and drinks made by a modern Renaissance man, Dustin from Persona Jewelry. I was able to try on a-may-zing jewelry from Atelier Minyon, a line from a Turkish jewelry designer, Alp Sagnak. I briefly considered grabbing as many pieces as I could and running out the doors, but I was in really high wedges. Dammit.


Picture1 316

Picture1 317

Picture1 322

Picture1 323

Picture1 326

Picture1 331

Picture1 335

Picture1 349

I was really drawn to the rings, especially the various skull-themed rings. Every gal needs at least one skull in her life, right?

Picture1 324

Lei ann loved the spiderweb ring. I love her wedding jewelry! Check out her site for more picture from the evening, include a better look at my outfit.

Picture1 346The road to my heart is paved with cheese, lobster, and bread.

Picture1 341Myself and Marissa. There’s a better shot of her outfit below which her mother picked out for her. Momma’s got style!

Picture1 340

Marissa and Kacy. Kacy writes a blog for tall women and somehow manages to be adorable like a pixie, despite being 6’4″. Also the best photo you’ve ever seen is right here.


I am still recovering from Memorial Day weekend. Or rather, feeling the aftereffects in the form of a cold that refuses to bend to my will. My favorite part of the weekend (other than my parents being away and being able to drive myself around like a big girl)?

Definitely Saturday’s zombie walk. I went last year and was amazed by the incredibly detailed costumes and makeup. This year I was blown away by the amount of attendees. We’re talking hundreds, probably approaching 1,000 folks all dressed like flesh-eaters. It was quite the spectacle!

After the jump are some photos I took during the walk. Just to be all PC and shit: warning, these photos are not safe for work, small children, big babies, and those with a blood phobia.