Miracle Dress

I may skew towards hyperbole when describing things that make me happy (these are the best shoes ever! They’ll cure cancer!) but this dress, really, is awesome. Purchased at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago, I was waiting for a really nice day to wear it. Today is the first day we’ll hit the 90s temperature-wise, so I broke it out.

Now the miraculous part? It’s horizontal stripes. Small horizontal stripes. The kind that can make a lady look about 10 inches wider. But on this dress, the stripes are slightly angled in a way that is completely flattering. See?

Dress- Max Studio

Better Safe than Sorry

I love these pants. They somehow manage to look really flattering despite being a giant colorful flower pattern all over my ass and thighs. But I don’t wear them often. Why? A friend of mine relayed a horror story about her friend’s pair splitting up the back seam one day while out and about. Now, this is one of my greatest fashion-related fears. While in high school (at a dance!) my new black pants split right up the butt seam, leaving my thong covered bum exposed to the world. Horrifying does not even begin to explain it. I never bought pants from that store again. I also stopped dancing so vigorously in crowded areas.

So when I decided to wear these pants today, I made sure I had a contingency plan: a knee-length trench coat, and enough money to buy some new pants if needed. I’m just covering my butt bases!

h&m floral pants Also, Calliope says “Hi! Please rub my face!”

DSC_0259 Chloe says “Get off my porch.”

shirt- Lands End Canvas
pants- H&M
shoes- Nine West
necklace- DIY

Pastels and Hardware

This is one of my weirder outfits. It’s baby blue eyeshadow and giant spike earrings. Pastel jeans tucked into combat boots. I don’t even think it’s a case of opposing styles coming together, like leather and lace. No, it’s just a mismatch of my favorite things right now. Some women crave babies, or chocolate, or coffee. Lately I’ve been craving super bright baby blue eyeshadow. I can’t even begin to explain that craving!



This could not be a post of my favorite things without a cat somewhere, right?


As for the crazy spike earrings? A gift from the ever-creative Holly. Check out her blog soon for DIY instructions- apparently they’re easy to make!

sweater- Aiko
jeans- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden



I Call It Art

I suppose I could be considered a “bargain shopping blogger.” I believe that wearing high-quality clothing makes a person look better, especially when it comes to natural fabrics versus synthetics. And it always seems that when I want to find something basic but with interesting details, it is inevitably a designer label that achieves this. I want a wardrobe of beautiful pieces. But I want it at bargain basement prices. I get it from my mom—she taught me how to scour racks and when to wait patiently for something to be reduced even further. And to this day, when I find a great bargain, I get thrilled and want to share it with my mom.

Well, goddamn did I find a great bargain. On Saturday, Filene’s Basement had 75% off of clearance on designer pieces from Barney’s and Saks. I rifled through 6 or 7 racks stuffed with boring pants and slightly damaged dresses. And then I found a black velvet skirt. It was in excellent condition and seemed to be my size. And then I saw the tag. Lanvin. Yeah, that Lanvin. It was marked at $50. Before the 75% off. After ensuring that it was truly in great condition, I showed it to my mother and of course, we brought it home. For approximately $17. We’re still bickering over who gets to keep and if we should even keep it (the other option being selling or consigning it). But I couldn’t resist playing dress-up in it, just for a moment…






I don’t believe in owning clothes that sit in your closet and are admired but never see the light of day. Clothes are meant to be worn, especially beautiful clothes. But I cannot think of any event where I would wear this skirt. Despite that, I’m compelled to keep it. To admire the intricate closures on the side and touch the soft velvet. To maybe play dress up like this once in a while. What would you do: sell it for a few hundred bucks (hopefully) or keep it?


And just for fun, an outtake showing the athletic prowess of Calliope cat.


Slowly Returning to Reality

As you can probably guess from my recent sporadic postings, I haven’t been in my usual schedule. Two weeks ago I was in Philly for my nephew’s sixth birthday and up until Tuesday I was on a stay-cation at home. It was hard to tear myself away from sleeping and reading to post or even read other blogs. Seriously, my bloglovin’ feed is at an obscene number right now.

While watching my nephew play with his friends and talk to his mother and occasionally get pouty and cry, I realized that I really don’t want to be a mother. This is something I’ve been saying since I was 16, but it rings even more true for me now. I like kids, and I sure do love my nephew (and young cousins). But I don’t think it’s in me to be a mother. Part of it may be selfishness or part of it may be fear of screwing up a kid and creating a serial killer or worse, a future cast member of Jersey Shore 2045: Jersey Shore on The Moon. As long as I’m being honest, watching my cousin die a few years at age 10 was so painful that I can’t even imagine being a mother and going through that. This shit is way too personal for a Thursday morning, right?

I also realized that my parents officially love the cats more than me. While I was away, Calliope got scared and ran up into a tree. My parents went into the attic, got our 10-foot ladder and my pops climbed up to rescue my poor kitty cat. Nevermind that she probably would have come down on her own eventually. That’s real love, man.

oh, and my laptop power cord caught on fire! That was less exciting than it sounds. Guess that’s what happens when your computer is nearly 8 years old, huh?

Here’s what I’ve worn since I’ve been back at work. I really like the color combo in the first outfit. My shirt in the second outfit is from Gilt, the online shopping site. I have to say, their shipping and customer service is really, really awesome. I’m a big fan!


green maxi skirt and orange top

business casual outfit


Outfit 1
shirt- Calvin Klein
skirt- H&M
jewelry- old/vintage

Outfit 2
shirt- Nanette Lepore from Gilt
skirt- Filene’s Basement
shoes- Aldo