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I Felt Like a Winner!

On Thursday night, The Swapaholics hosted a swap in Downtown Crossing. After getting some really nice pieces from the previous swap, I was beyond excited to attend again! This time the swap was much smaller (200 people as compared to the 400 who went during Boston Fashion Week), the space was much bigger, and there were fitting rooms to try on the goods. I covered the swap for New Brahmin and went in early to get photos of the clothes before the carnage.

Some People Think We’re Stupid But We’re Not

business casual outfit full skirt

business casual outfit

This outfit is from last week, or maybe even the week before. Definitely an attempt to make my boss happy and wear business casual. I may or may not have twirled around in my office when no one was looking.

In other news, now that it’s getting colder Chloe kitten has started cuddling with me at respectable hour. No more booty calls for me! As a friend on twitter said, I’m on my way to being the main chick.
tshirt- Lord & Taylor
shirt- Express
dress- J.Crew
tights- H&M
shoes- Zara

Listening to… “XR2″ by M.I.A.

Pink elephants and lemonade, dear Jessie

Well, I have had a hell of a day. It’s like I spent the evening wrangling cats. Oh wait… I did. Yesterday, I visited the shelter where I got Chloe kitten and fell in love with another cat. So now I have two cats who really don’t like each other. And now I am outnumbered by cats.

Meet Calliope!


She’s a total cuddlebug. She contorts herself in the most awkward ways just to get her head rubbed.

Now on to the clothes! I won this shirt on ebay and find it perfect to throw on for work when I’ve worn jeans and funky tops too many days in a row and my boss is giving me the evil eye. The shoes are new- part of my never-ending parade of recent purchases. I wonder if the cat counts as a recent purchase? hmmm….

Picture1 472

Close-up of new shoes and socks.

Picture1 474

shirt- diane von fursternberg
jeans- martin & osa
shoes- urban outfitters
Listening to… “Dear Jessie” by Madonna. I dare you to listen to this song and not smile

Because the best little secrets are kept and you’re my best little secret yet

Yawn. I’m usually in bed by 10:30 (don’t laugh) but when a girlfriend I haven’t seen in two years comes to town, well, I stay up. And I spend the next day yawning and mainlining starbucks. Yum!

On another note, Sunday was Chloe Cat’s 1 yr. birthday! She enjoyed some fish and new toys and bug killing. All in all, a great day for her.
When I first brought her home:
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And now:

I miss her little shaved belly- so cute! Now onto the clothes!

Picture1 412

Picture1 414

jeans- gap, studded by me
shirt- forgot, sorry!
boots- sam edelman
Listening to… “Pledge of Allegiance” by Louis XIV

We think you’re a joke shove your hope where it don’t shine

Finally debuting my Sam Edelman Zoe boots. I realize at this point they are so ubiquitous that if someone were to put together a fashion blogger welcome package they would be the first item in the bag, along with a pair of wayfarers, denim shorts, and ripped black tights. But I’ve admired them for years and managed to snag them on sale and I will wear them without irony. Well, maybe with an ironic smirk.

I got more than a few stares in them, which I expected. Most women in Boston wear heels that are work appropriate and under 5″. These boots don’t exactly fit that criteria. I held my head high and strutted through town, feeling like a 5’11” glamazon. Until I stumbled and nearly broke my ankle. Ah, good times.

I am declaring this weekend “internetz free.” My mind feels like a rubber band about to snap from constant over-stimulation. Last night, I parked on my couch and spent hours clicking onto random websites, barely paying attention to what I was seeing. Falling asleep was even more of a shit show. So I’m unplugging my laptop and hiding it and the end of the night and it’s not coming back on until Sunday night. Should be awesome. I wonder if I’ll get the computer-geek equivalent of the crackhead shake? (if unfamiliar, youtube Dave Chappelle. trust me.)

There are a few more pictures than normal- I wanted to show off my bracelets and I finally got enough light to show my blue highlights a bit better.



How much does Chloe Kitten look like a creepster right here? “Oh hai, young girl. I got some candy and catnip under the couch waiting for us. Don’t tell your mom. meow”


blazer- j.crew
dress- target
boots- sam edelman
Listening to… “Shuv” by Santigold