I’m not that good, but I’m not that bad

I had a long weekend, starting on Thursday night with an emergency trip to the vet for Chloe cat. Long story short, she got in a fight with some bigger animal and her wounds became infected and turned into abscesses. The wounds are on her lower back so her little butt is shaved and she’s on antibiotics. She’s already looking better, but I felt horrible about not checking her earlier for cuts other than the small one I saw on her foot initially. I always assumed if she was in a fight, she’d look like it, but no. So warning to all the pet owners/lovers out there: if your pet has a little scratch from being outside, give yourself the peace of mind of checking them all over for cuts. Hopefully you can avoid the guilt and vet bills I’m dealing with!

On to more fashionable things. I wore this about two weeks ago for my friend’s bridal shower. Her wedding is coming up in just two short weeks and I’m looking forward to wearing a pretty bridesmaid dress, drinking with some Irish folks, and bowling after the wedding! I got this dress on clearance at Madewell and was saving it for a hot date. Sadly, none of those have come my way, but the ladies at the shower appreciated it!



dress- Madewell
shoes- Dolce Vita

It was at that moment that I realized…

that I am utterly boring. Wait, let me back up. During Boston Fashion Week, I met some cool characters, including Holly. Holly is a new blogger, has an understanding of styling and fashion that chillingly good, and is just generally adorable. So when she asked to me join her and her friends to do a fashion, art, and music showing at Great Scott, I was thrilled. So I left my little bubble in the Back Bay/South End (read-wealthy yuppies) and traveled to Allston. Anyway, Holly,Leigh, and everyone else was adorable and friendly. They shared their beer and no one discussed their 9-5 day job, their bills, or the errands they need to run over the weekend. It was fairly early on that I realized that I am so much closer to that lifestyle that I’ve disliked for so long. You know, business casual during the day, Saturday nights out that end before midnight, no new experiences. So I am taking suggestions for something ridiculous and out of character. Let’s keep it legal, though (unless you want to email me)!

The styling was, of course, fantastic. Uncle Pete’s provided the most amazing clothes from Rick Owens, Society for Rational Dress, and Sea. I nearly cried (I mean actual tears) when I saw a Rick Owens denim jacket with leather sleeves. Holly picked an amazing white cotton shirt from Rick Owens that I wore as a dress, with two pairs of textured tights from H&M and my own jewelry and heels from Nine West. Amanda from red bird vintage gave us all some amazing makeup, and Bill Paul from a salon whose name has escaped me Bradley & Diegal (Holly, remind me Thank you!) gave me an awesome bang trim.

Enough yakking. Ze photos.

Picture1 006b


I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoes…

It doesn’t mean that I’m a prostitute, no no.

Although you’d think it from the looks I got in this. Yes, in this. It must have been the platform heels drawing attention. I think the idea that woman are catty by nature is untrue; but days like this one test my belief. I try to myself that the looks aren’t catty, other women are just checking out my outfit. So in that spirit, I made a promise to myself. When I see a woman in a great outfit, I’m going to smile at her. I’m not going to give her the once-over that makes us all uncomfortable. I’m going to try and let my admiration show through my face.

On an unrelated note, I think the hem on these jeans needs to come up about a half inch. Proportions are everything, right?

Picture1 045

shirt- J.Crew
jeans- Habitual
shoes- Seychelles
Listening to… “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue

Shopping is my bad boyfriend

This weekend I shopped. Hard. I didn’t plan on it. I got my tax refund and I had planned to put it away towards a new laptop. But a quick stop into H&M turned into a stop into numerous stores. A walk through the air conditioned mall yesterday turned into a new pair of shoes. A visit of someone else’s blog turned into an online purchase.

I’m not exactly thrilled at my lack of self-restraint. My entire life, I’ve viewed shopping as a fun event. My mom and I spent our quality time together at the mall. I still get all giddy when I go to the mall with her. Now it’s more about the giddiness of having something new.

When I unpacked all the stuff I made it home with and saw that there was NO more room in my closet, I realized something. Every morning I feel this slight panic when it’s time to choose my clothes for the day. I used to think it was because I had “nothing” to wear. Now I realize it’s because I have so many choices that it literally renders me unable to make a decision without second-guessing myself. I have officially become a consumer. {enter dramatic music}

So I’m making a deal with myself. In addition to listing more clothes in my online shop and ebay, I will not buy anything new until I wear at least 75% of the things in my closet once. And considering that my laptop still works (after 6 years!), I’m going to wait on a new one and put my money towards paying my credit card debt.

We think you’re a joke shove your hope where it don’t shine

Finally debuting my Sam Edelman Zoe boots. I realize at this point they are so ubiquitous that if someone were to put together a fashion blogger welcome package they would be the first item in the bag, along with a pair of wayfarers, denim shorts, and ripped black tights. But I’ve admired them for years and managed to snag them on sale and I will wear them without irony. Well, maybe with an ironic smirk.

I got more than a few stares in them, which I expected. Most women in Boston wear heels that are work appropriate and under 5″. These boots don’t exactly fit that criteria. I held my head high and strutted through town, feeling like a 5’11” glamazon. Until I stumbled and nearly broke my ankle. Ah, good times.

I am declaring this weekend “internetz free.” My mind feels like a rubber band about to snap from constant over-stimulation. Last night, I parked on my couch and spent hours clicking onto random websites, barely paying attention to what I was seeing. Falling asleep was even more of a shit show. So I’m unplugging my laptop and hiding it and the end of the night and it’s not coming back on until Sunday night. Should be awesome. I wonder if I’ll get the computer-geek equivalent of the crackhead shake? (if unfamiliar, youtube Dave Chappelle. trust me.)

There are a few more pictures than normal- I wanted to show off my bracelets and I finally got enough light to show my blue highlights a bit better.



How much does Chloe Kitten look like a creepster right here? “Oh hai, young girl. I got some candy and catnip under the couch waiting for us. Don’t tell your mom. meow”


blazer- j.crew
dress- target
boots- sam edelman
Listening to… “Shuv” by Santigold