Hijacked Blog and Leftovers

I’ve been blogging at a slower pace lately. It’s not because of the weather or end of the season relaxation. A certain someone has decided she can do a better job and won’t let me on the computer anymore.

Calliope the feline blogger
Well, she says she’s blogging. I know she’s just watching those Henri videos on youtube. While I have control of the laptop, let me share a couple of recent outfits that never made it onto the blog. And that happen to feature the same shirt.

Outfit 1
shirt – mikkat market
pants- Ann Taylor
shoes- Ann Taylor (via ebay)

Outfit 2
shirt- mikkat market
skirt- Alternative Apparel maxi dress
shoes- DIY

If I hadn’t made me, I would’ve been made somehow

This shirt has been sitting in my closet for months now. I kept telling myself that I was waiting for a special event to wear it. But this morning I realized I was breaking one of my few style rules, which is to not wait to wear something I love. Clothes should be worn and enjoyed, not relegated to your closet to wait for their moment to shine. So I threw it on, pinned the top for modesty’s sake (although, considering how dateless I’ve been lately, maybe I shouldn’t have), and added some casual jeans and sandals.


pants- H&M
shoes- DIY (here for instructions)
earrings- vintage (thanks mom!)

DIY: Spiked Sandals

I’ve waxed poetic about my love of spikes before, so when I came across this DIY from Fashion after Breakfast, I got really excited! So excited, in fact, that I immediately went to Target to get the sandals and to get the spikes. Sidenote: telling friends you’re waiting on an order from studs and spikes is hard to do without giggling.


It was incredibly easy to go from this:
to this:



It took me about an hour using a random pair of scissors to poke holes for the studs, which screw in. I used size 13 and 16 spikes.



I started with a spattering of spikes, then decided more is more and more is better.



Are you going to give it a try?

Too Much?

When I got dressed this morning, my mother said “You’re wearing that to work?” Then, while getting lunch two women stopped me and said I looked like I walked off the cover of a fashion magazine. These are clear signs that I’m probably a tad overdressed for the office. Whoops.


I know that every single blogger on earth has these floral pants, but I couldn’t resist the siren call of dirt cheap way to try out the floral pants trend. Color me surprised that they have a flattering fit and look pretty good on.

pants- H&M
necklace- Forever21, hand-painted
shoes- Anne Klein

Something Colorful This Way Comes

I’m not going to spend too much time bragging about the beautiful weather we have in Boston right now, but I will say this. The sunlight, warmth, and beauty of spring arriving almost makes the New England winters bearable. The city truly comes alive in the spring.

Well then. Enough sappy shit. Here’s my quickie art project from the weekend. I bought this rhinestone collar from Forever21 at the end of february, fully intending to paint it (using nail polishes and acrylic paint) at some point. I finally got around to it and I couldn’t be happier with the results. This particular necklace isn’t available online anymore, but it might still be in stores and Etsy is always a great resource for vintage rhinestone necklaces if you want to try this out yourself.