Finding Simplicity

As I mentioned before, my shoe collection is lacking. Especially when it comes to flats. I’m picky. They need to show at least a touch of toe cleavage, they have to be well-made, and if they cut into the back of my heel I will set them on fire. Also, according to my sister I have “peasant” feet which probably makes it that much harder to find flats. Oh, and they have to be affordable. I’ll pony up for boots and gorgeous heels, but flats are so simple that I can’t bring myself to pay a lot for them.

So you can imagine my excitement at finding purrfect flats. Well, kind of. Lands End Canvas is the hipper, trendier off-shoot of Lands End. While perusing their sale rack (an extra 70% off of sale prices!) I found one pristine black flat. No embellishments, a solid bottom, and nicely low-cut in the front. I was determined to get them, even though the only other side I found was a half size too small. Hey, leather flats for $10? I’ll take it. I brought the smaller side to a cobbler, had it stretched, and now I’m in plain black flat heaven. That’s called thinking out of the (shoe) box, people!




Oh, yeah, there’s an outfit too.


button-down shirt- Express
top- American Apparel
skirt- H&M
flats- Lands End Canvas
necklace- DIY

Not Quite a Teen Witch

I got up early this morning. I heard my phone vibrate, assumed it was my alarm and jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. Then I realized it was 2:30 am. Whoops. I never fully got back to sleep, so I got out of bed a couple of hours later and washed my hair (yay!) and picked out a decent outfit to wear.




I wanted to be comfortable, but suspected my boss would give me the side eye if I came into work wearing jeans again. So I went for a long skirt. I threw on a black button-down and was going to leave it at that, then I realized it’s not 1995 and I’m not an extra in The Craft. I added some color and some horse hair tassles and took photos before the sun was even fully out.

Also, I owe you folks a picture of my ear. That’s not code for something weird- I got three studs in my cartilage in January and have been meaning to take photos of it since then! I went to Chameleon tattoo in Cambridge, where I got my second tattoo TEN YEARS AGO. Wow, does that make me feel old. I was lucky enough to go in when Owen was there. He did a great job with the piercing and I contemplated asking for his hand in marriage until I saw that someone had beat me to it. Seriously, so adorable.



Sweater- H&M
Shirt- Express
Skirt- Eileen Fisher (swapped)
Necklace- Covetous Creatures


When I bought this dress at the very end of summer, I loved it but knew I’d only be able to wear it once or twice before the weather turned. However, my shopping partners/enablers insisted that I could “winterize” it with a sweater and tights and boots. The idea became a joke for us, and really just a way to rationalize ill-timed purchases. But now it’s winter (kind of) and goddamn it, I want to wear my pretty summer dress. So here it is…winterized!



Cut me a break on the pictures- the lighting today was beyond awful and I had all of 10 minutes to take pictures. Also, it’s just a sweater and tights and boots. But I feel all pretty and springy (or at least I would if I wasn’t freaking sick again)! So my final thoughts on winterizing?  Do it up, man. Do the shit out of it. It requires minimal effort and doubles your wardrobe.

dress- Madewell
sweater- TJ Maxx (years ago)
tights- Express
boots- Miz Mooz
necklace- Charlotte Russe

Fancy Pants

Or rather, fancy tights. My unofficial theme for the week has been funky tights. Dunno why, but I like it. I’ve amassed quite the collection of tights since I started blogging. Before this, I think I had black tights, black tights, and maybe a pair of navy tights. However I vaguely remember one particularly awesome outfit from high school. It was a blue sweater, denim skirt, bright pink tights, and black fishnets over the tights. I was so cool.


Yesterday’s oufit:

Laurie B. sweater (from Swirl)
J. Crew button-down shirt
H&M pleather skirt
Forgot the brand of tights, sorry!
Steve Madden combat boots


Today’s outfit:

Laurie B. draped cardigan (again, from Swirl)
American apparel tee
H&M skirt
Express tights
Rocket Dog boots
J.Crew and Forever21 necklaces


And… you may have noticed that my sidebar looks a little different. Well, I’m proud to welcome Shopbop as my first advertising partner. I have no plans to overrun the site with ads and paid links, and actually turned down a few previous offers. But it’s a pleasure to associate myself with a company that I love shopping with because of their fast shipping, great customer service, and fun lookbooks!