fashion week

Barbara Tfank

The New York Post calls her “the most important designer you’ve never heard of”. She is Barbara Tfank, who launched her eponymous label in 2001, and has since been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Adele.

Tfank’s styles are very retro and glamorous, dresses you’d see on Mad Men, or could totally picture being worn by Jackie O.  From slim waist cocktail dresses to cropped jackets and capris, the collection stands out as a unique throwback to the days of pure elegance, in both casual and formal settings.

 I approached Tfank’s building, between Park and Madison Avenues. I was greeted in the lobby and took the elevator up to the penthouse, an amazing space that seemed to never end. Although crowded, the space was impeccable, and the collection was presented on models milling about the space and on the terrace, as perhaps a real wearer of the line would do.

 The fabrics are also reminiscent of the golden age, with organza, chiffon, and silk being used most prominently. The cuts range from a-line to full flowing, and the colors and patterns ran the spectrum from subtle pinks to neon floral prints.

As I walked around taking in both the collection and the setting, I noticed a small crowd gathered at the doorway of the main bedroom. I peeked in and saw it was a photo shoot for Vogue, and the models were entering in sets of three to participate. Directing the shoot was Andre Leon Talley, wearing one of his signature lush robes.

Tfank says her inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection was drawn from photographer Slim Aarons, who was famous for photographing celebrities and socialites in the 1950s and 60s. His photos captured some of the most beautiful, elegant, sophisticated moments of celebrities. Tfank wanted to combine the timeless elegance with comfortable luxury, making her collection appropriate for a formal dinner, or hosting a party. As Vogue puts it: “the perfect attire for afternoon tea, cocktails, and candlelit dinners”.


The Best

All the hoopla for Fashion Week/Month is wrapping up and fashion editors are deciding which shows were hits and which shows disappointed. Personally, I thought mostly everything was nice or good, but not breathtaking. Then…I saw Haider Ackermann’s collection. You know that feeling when the air rushes out of your body and your eyes grow wide and lust and excitement travels through your veins? Yeah. that.

I doubt this collection will be heralded as the best of the season and I can’t quite figure out what it is about this show that evokes such a strong reaction from me. But isn’t that the point of beauty and art and passion? It is everything but logic.


A Détacher S/S 2011

It’s that time, lovelies! Another Fashion Week is going by while I’m sitting in Boston. There’s always next year, right?

Some themes I’m seeing for Spring 2011 are floaty, delicate fabrics, lots of whites, beige, and blush pinks, and high waisted pants.

I’ve been stalking for pics from the shows, and this one has been one of my favorites so far. I’ve never heard of A Détacher before… but I like it!

read on for runway pics