Blo Blow Dry Bar

Hair. It’s kind of a big deal. While I like to experiment with my hair (styles, cuts, and colors) I always want it to look good. And when it doesn’t look good, I feel so much less put-together and ready to face the day. Sad but true. When I heard Blo Blow Dry Bar was coming to Boston, I was intrigued. When I realized it was opening about 4 blocks from my office, I officially got excited. Blo is a speciality salon chain, and the speciality is blow-outs. Just blow-outs. The stylists don’t even keep scissors! It’s a concept I can totally get behind – a professional blow-out is my ultimate pick-me-up.


I was invited to check out the new location on Columbus Ave and get a complimentary blow-out on Friday. I walked into a salon that I could have decorated myself: sleek and bright white with tons of hot pink accents (including rosé  champagne). Oh so pretty!

After a quick chat with my stylist, I decided on loose curls with lots of volume. And they really delivered. I’ve never seen my hair so big! Texas housewives would have been in awe and accepted me as one of their own. After letting the volume settle down a bit, I went home to an exciting night of watching tv and relaxing. But! When I woke up my hair was still super soft, shiny, and had the perfect amount of second-day wave and body. Blo scored extra points with me for having a great lightweight but effective hairspray (planning to pick some up soon) and a multicultural staff that mirrors the diversity of the South End.


At $35 a blo, I think I’ll be skipping my traditional mani-pedi Friday post-work treat and indulging in gorgeous hair.

Pink Tips

Yesterday I finally made it out to a friend’s new salon. It is so cool to see friends opening up their own businesses! The salon, Verde Salon, is super cute. If you’re in Quincy, I higher recommend giving it a try. After getting my relaxer touch-up, I finally got a chance to try out Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug. It’s a hair chalk/powder that sticks onto your hair (especially when helped with a little pomade and hairspray) and gives you fun, temporary color. I’ve been aching to try it out, and I actually brought home the pink but I’m not completely sold on it yet. It’s supposed to stick to your hair and not transfer onto your clothes but my denim shirt says another story. But still, it’s cool and I think playing around with different ways to apply will be worth the time. Also, coming home with pink tips and scaring my mother? Priceless.



As for the outfit. I picked this outfit before I knew I’d be coming home with pink hair. But it all works so well together, right?



shirt- Forever21
jeans- Gap

What I’m Loving Now

My fake nails

Girls, let’s have some real talk. My nails are a mess. Not because they can’t grow (OPI Nail Envy is a great strengthener) but because the second they do grow in, I rip them off. Apparently, it’s a thing called skin picking and it likely means I’m minutes away from a nervous breakdown. It definitely means my hands are awful to look at. Thanks to pinterest, I’m obsessed with pretty manicures. So I got my nails did. These are full-on acrylic nails and since I got them relatively short, they look pretty good. If you’re in Boston, head to Treasured Hands for your fakies. These are without a doubt, the most realistic fake nails I’ve ever gotten. They even fooled my mom!


Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lipbalm

So. Freaking. Cool. It’s a lip stain in a lipstick form. Now, it’s marketed as a sheer lipstick, but it has no shine (yay!) leaves a strong tint on my lips, and isn’t moisturizing, although it’s not at all drying. It’s the perfect product for making my lips look healthy and polished without loads of heavy lipstick. One or two coats gives a nice tint, and if you slather it on, it becomes a full-on lip stain akin to drinking red wine. My only beef is that it supposedly comes in 4 different shades, but they all turn the same coral-y red shade on me. Maybe lighter-skinned ladies will have better luck in terms of color?


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I’m almost sad about the end of winter and my eventual tan from the warmer weather. Why? Because this stuff is awesome and at my absolute palest, I just match the darkest shade (#31). In commercial speak, this is a primer, foundation/tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen in one. In reality, it’s a very thin foundation that covers beautifully, leaves a satin (not matte but not dewy) finish, feels like nothing on, and has 42SPF. It’s not available in stores yet, but they seem to offer pretty good deals on the website, so I highly recommend giving it a try.


HANA Titanium Flat Iron

This is the only product that was sent to me for review, and I’m loving it! My first flat iron, a Chi, lasted more than 7 years and my current flat iron, a GHD, is fantastic. So I have high expectations for flat irons, and this one didn’t disappoint. First of all, it came with all sorts of goodies in the box, including a special hair towel, brush, eyelash curler, and nail files. I first thought Misikko was trying to woo me, but apparently they put that shit in every package they send out. Very cool! The flat iron itself is smooth, easy to handle and (my favorite part) comes with a temperature control. Considering how hot they can get, I really like being able to adjust the heat to a level that straightens my hair without frying it. It takes a little longer to heat up than my GHD, but it also cools down quickly for easy storage. I would definitely recommend it!

Fashion’s Night Out

If you’re into reading fashion blogs, then you’re probably aware that this past Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out. It’s best described as an almost-holiday created to support the economy by encouraging people to come out and shop. While people were certainly out and about, I didn’t see much shopping. But I did see lots of free booze, stores open late, dj’s, live bands, photoboths, diamonds, and faux hair.

Boston really embraced FNO this year by shutting down our iconic Newbury Street to traffic and lighting the Prudential Tower pink. The chance to walk down the middle of Newbury Street, surrounded by well-dressed men, women, and the occasional dog would have been enough to make my night, but there was plenty more.



I joined a FNO Crawl, and like I said on Facebook, it’s like a pub crawl but better because there’s clothes and shopping and the champagne is free. We (led by the wonderful Boston Fashionista) started in the Copley Mall and Tiffany’s, where I tried on engagement rings. No, I’m not engaged. And even if I were, my chances of getting a Tiffany’s diamond are between slim and “more likely to be eaten alive by Mothra.” Having said that, fuck me, are those diamonds amazing. I might have to start dating up.



Tiffany’s also had a photo booth set up and we tried to answer the age old question of how many bloggers you can fit in a picture. The answer is 4 and a 1/2 but if we hadn’t been wearing such crazy shoes, it probably could’ve been 5.


The next highlight was a stop at Salon Acote, where I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream. A while back I had blue streaks in my hair, but between the relaxing, bleaching, and styling, my hair wasn’t happy. But I still wanted to try hot pink streaks. Well, the amazing staff at Salon Acote was offering free extensions through the night. I happily got 2 small clusters of deep red and a cluster of light blonde, which will be dyed hot pink tonight. I’m that much closer to becoming my childhood hero, Jem.

All Saints had a performance by Bombay Bicycle Club earlier in the night, which I’m pissed to have missed since they’re supposed to be pretty cool. But they had a flipbook station. You stand in front of a camera for 6 seconds, act silly, and 15 minutes later you get a flipbook. This was a source of much delight!

There was much more going on, including an after-party that I missed due to extreme lameness (i.e., living in the burbs with no car) but all in all, it was a great night. And I looked pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself. Minus the greasy do.



DSC_7734 sweater- Gap
leopard shirt- H&M
skirt- Gary Graham
tights- H&M
boots- Forever21
pearl collar- H&M

Considering how much my feet hurt by the end of the night I am both shocked and impressed by my ability to keep my shoes on long enough to take these photos when I got home. The things I do in the name of narcissism fashion. The skirt is another find from the Stel’s sale (of the century) and every time I say pearl necklace out loud, I giggle.

Hairy Situation

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve even been taking outfit photos. But they’ve turned out so abysmal that I refuse to use them. I recently made a promise to myself that I would be really picky about the outfit photos that make it to the blog. In the meantime, I can share my (other) current obsession with you- haircuts. More specifically, Freja Beha Erichsen’s haircut. I’m loooong overdue for a trim/shaping/overhaul so I’ve spent hours scouring the web, admiring her ‘do. Come share in my obsession (and let me know if I am crazy thinking that I could pull of this type of hairdo).