Getting it Together

Do I win the Worst Blogger Award? I’ve been MIA for quite a while and for the life of me, I cannot find a place in my new apartment to take good outfit photos. Here’s my proof:


There are so many important details to this outfit that I just couldn’t capture. I’ve got a great shametuck going on, but can you tell? No. My shoes are awesome. Not that you’d know. Well, I’m determined to find the perfect blogging spot, so bear with me. And stay tuned…there’s a giveaway coming up!

shirt – J. Crew
dress (as a skirt) – Alternative Apparel
shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

I Blue Myself

When colorblocking became a major trend in 2012 (or 2011 – I just had a birthday so I’m old and I can’t remember) I was a bit miffed. Because I’ve always worn bright colors together. And when I was doing it in 8th grade, there wasn’t a fancy name for it.

Well, now I propose a new trend for the new year – Monochromatic. And not just all black. All grey, all blue, and yes…all pink. I just need a fancy name for it. Monochromaticism? Linear colorway? I’ll work on it.



blazer – Forever21
sweater – TJ Maxx
cords – Gap
boots – Elie Tahari via DSW
necklace – J.Crew

Black is my security blanket

These are my (current) favorite jeans. They’re ultra-stretchy, super comfortable, and just interesting enough to be fun. They’re great for going out with friends, a casual day at the office, and an emergency vet visit to deworm the gatos. Also great to wear when you think you *might* have gotten a tapeworm from your cats but then you realize you’re just gassy and possibly insane. Anyway…



My folks and I have decided to keep our Christmas tree pristine this year. There’s something about the organic beauty of bringing nature indoors that is diminished by throwing gauche, cheap decorations on. There’s really no way to improve on Mother Gaia’s design.




Just kidding. We’re going to decorate the shit out of that tree this weekend!


shirt- TJ Maxx
jeans- Forever21
belt- J.Crew
shoes- American Eagle