jeffrey campbell

Blurred Lines

[Let’s pretend I haven’t been MIA for months and get right back into it, shall we?]

I blame Holly. My gorgeous, farie-esque partner in crime has the most incredible fashion sense. She can combine a thousand and one elements into a single outfit and it’s awesome. But. Her taste in shoes often leaves me bewildered (is Frankenstein-chic a thing?). At this point, we’ve agreed to disagree about what goes on south of our ankles and consider it a pleasant surprise when we find a pair of shoes we both like. I suspect I’ve been spending too much time with my dear friend, because the line has been blurred. The line is shoes, by the way, not the summer smash hit that borrows a bit too much from Marvin Gaye.

I used to be sure. Now I look at a lug sole, a leather bootie with cutouts and chains, and I think…maybe? Yes. No! maybe. Point #1 on the blurred line: Ugly Good. As in “They are so ugly. I WANT THEM ON MY FEET RIGHT NOW!”

Shoes so ugly, they're good. Or something like that.

1) Walter Steiger, 2) Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal, 3) Jeffrey Campbell, 4) Zara

I can so imagine strutting around in those Jeffrey Campbell boots with leather leggings and a cape, pretending I’m an action hero in a post-apocalyptic America when in reality, I’m just grocery shopping.

Getting it Together

Do I win the Worst Blogger Award? I’ve been MIA for quite a while and for the life of me, I cannot find a place in my new apartment to take good outfit photos. Here’s my proof:


There are so many important details to this outfit that I just couldn’t capture. I’ve got a great shametuck going on, but can you tell? No. My shoes are awesome. Not that you’d know. Well, I’m determined to find the perfect blogging spot, so bear with me. And stay tuned…there’s a giveaway coming up!

shirt – J. Crew
dress (as a skirt) – Alternative Apparel
shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Dialing Down the Glitz

As a fashion blogger, I should be really good at making things wearable. You know, mixing and matching till I’ve achieved the perfect ratio of “don’t care” and “so chic.” But wearing sparkles in the daytime evades me. I’ve never mastered casual sequins (and I’ve tried more times than I can count). So buying a pair of gold dust encrusted jeans was risky. How often would I wear them?

Apparently, a denim shirt and flat boots make anything casual. Really. It’s simple math.



cardigan- TJ Maxx
shirt- Martin & Osa
jeans- Forever21
boots- Jeffrey Campbell

I Hope We Meet in the End

On Thursday evening, a friend lent me The Hunger Games trilogy. I had only planned to read the first book so I could follow the story when I go see the movie. Instead, I spent 90% of the entire weekend glued to my bed and plowed through all three books. Now I really can’t wait to see the movie!

So the weekend wasn’t filled with amazing outfits (although I did take a brief break to meet Dina and Amber for lunch and had more fun than should be humanly allowed). So…here’s what I wore last week.


shirt and jeans- Gap
necklace- Ebay knock-off of J.Crew
shoes- Nine West


shirt- Martin & Osa
jeans- Tory Burch
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Crazy Legs McGee

Enjoyed my pics from last week’s Zoora trunk show? Beside yourself in anticipation of what I wore that evening? Quivering with excitement at my casual mention of a leather dress?

This is what I wore…



I’m pretty excited about these jeans. I first saw them de Lune and thought they’d be a great DIY. But while DIY’s are great, they don’t always turn out as well as I hope. Besides, finding plain jeans that fit well to paint would already set me back. I googled, and learned that the object of my affection was created by Tory Burch (I know, right?) and were no longer available in stores. I popped onto ebay expecting nothing and found ONE PAIR AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE. And reasonably priced! Once my lady boner went away, I bid, I won, and I eagerly awaited shipment. They’re quite long and need some hemming, but it’s love.

As for that leather dress I got? It’s Alexander Wang. Short. Black. And backless. And I’m saving it for another post. Gawd, I’m such a tease.


shirt- J.Crew (swapped)
jeans- Tory Burch (via eBay)
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
scarf- “borrowed” from my mother