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Dialing Down the Glitz

As a fashion blogger, I should be really good at making things wearable. You know, mixing and matching till I’ve achieved the perfect ratio of “don’t care” and “so chic.” But wearing sparkles in the daytime evades me. I’ve never mastered casual sequins (and I’ve tried more times than I can count). So buying a pair of gold dust encrusted jeans was risky. How often would I wear them?

Apparently, a denim shirt and flat boots make anything casual. Really. It’s simple math.



cardigan- TJ Maxx
shirt- Martin & Osa
jeans- Forever21
boots- Jeffrey Campbell

Wear all the Denim!

Between the incessant rain and crazy schedule of meetings, I’ve spent the past century 10 days or so drowning in a sea of Hunter rain boots, black work pants, and minimal jewelry. It’s not been pretty. When I woke up this morning, I stood in front of my closet, giddy like a school girl. Why? It’s Friday, the sun is shining, and I can wear some denim to work. And that is enough to make me happy!


jeans- H&M
shirt- TJ Maxx years ago (I don’t remember the brand, sorry!)
button down- Martin & Osa
boots- Forever21
necklace- Forever21

I Hope We Meet in the End

On Thursday evening, a friend lent me The Hunger Games trilogy. I had only planned to read the first book so I could follow the story when I go see the movie. Instead, I spent 90% of the entire weekend glued to my bed and plowed through all three books. Now I really can’t wait to see the movie!

So the weekend wasn’t filled with amazing outfits (although I did take a brief break to meet Dina and Amber for lunch and had more fun than should be humanly allowed). So…here’s what I wore last week.


shirt and jeans- Gap
necklace- Ebay knock-off of J.Crew
shoes- Nine West


shirt- Martin & Osa
jeans- Tory Burch
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

I Pulled Off Your Wings and I Laughed

Hey blog, long time no see. Between loads of meetings at work that required boring suits and very little weekend fun due to the arm injury, I haven’t had any outfits worth documenting. But today, I managed to put on something vaguely interesting, throw on some new (to me) jewelry, and even style my hair. Woohoo!

Since I’ve been avoiding the real world and its ability to make my arm hurt, I’ve taken up a new hobby: scouring Etsy for vintage jewelry. My favorites list is out of control. I cannot stop myself from looking for beaded bracelets, rhinestone necklaces, and dramatic earrings. In fact, I’ve put myself on a jewelry moratorium for the next few weeks. Then again, I also put myself on a white bread moratorium and my morning croissant was delicious and oh-so white. Self-control is a pain in the butt, man. Maybe I should declare a moratorium on self-control.





You know, based on these pictures, you’d never guess Chloe cat is painfully shy and scared of everyone. She’s such a camera hog!


And a close-up of my necklace, which you might have seen on twitter or instagram yesterday. It’s so detailed and sparkly that it needs something like distressed denim to make it wearable.


shirt- Martin & Osa
pants- Gap
boots- Sam Edelman
necklace- vintage from Etsy

If I’m doing my job, it’s your resolve that breaks

Picture1 067

Picture1 068

Yes, my shirt does have a giant hole in the back. Thanks for telling me.

I bought this crossback T by Alexander Wang bra a few weeks ago and realized that I had nothing in my closet that had a low enough back to show off the best details of the bra. So a quick ebay search turned up this top from Victoria’s Secret. I tried to keep the rest of my outfit low-key, hence the jeans and flats. On a night out I would wear the top and bra with a high-waisted pencil skirt and some chunky heels.

Picture1 082

I love this necklace. I got it from etsy seller basilthecat. It’s gorgeous and subtle and the perfect length. I really recommend checking out her store.
shirt- Victoria’s Secret
bra- T by Alexander Wang
jeans- Martin & Osa
flats- Zara
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