maxi dress

Miracle Dress

I may skew towards hyperbole when describing things that make me happy (these are the best shoes ever! They’ll cure cancer!) but this dress, really, is awesome. Purchased at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago, I was waiting for a really nice day to wear it. Today is the first day we’ll hit the 90s temperature-wise, so I broke it out.

Now the miraculous part? It’s horizontal stripes. Small horizontal stripes. The kind that can make a lady look about 10 inches wider. But on this dress, the stripes are slightly angled in a way that is completely flattering. See?

Dress- Max Studio

Wishing For…

While everyone in the northeast is concerned with the snow, I’m more concerned about the fact that I’m sick with a cold yet again. I feel like I barely got over my last cold, yet here I am again with the coughing, achy back, and whiny-ness. And you know the worst part? When I’m sick, my stomach transforms into a bottomless pit. Seriously. I can’t.stop.eating. Most people lose a little weight when they’re sick- I get a gut. Not fair!

So while I’m on the couch, waiting for Domino’s delivery (and effing starving), I’ve found a dress and purse that I am mildly obsessed with.

Well, isn’t this dress from Bonadrag just perfect? I know I just got a long black skirt from the last Swapaholics clothing swap and I already own a short-sleeved black dress. But really… it’s perfect. The cutouts would show the sides of my stomach (while still hiding the belly remaining from being sick all the goddamn time) and I could imagine wearing this everywhere. Everywhere!

A few days ago I saw a buttery, pale yellow purse at TJ Maxx. I immediately thought “that’d be nice if it was small, structured, and neon yellow.” Kate Spade, get out of my head! It’s very pricey for what it is ($295), but I could imagine wearing it for years to come.

Alright, I’m off to scour the web while anxiously waiting for my dinner. So…very…hungry…

To Me, You’re Strange and You’re Beautiful

When I wore this dress, I imagined people are looking at me and thinking that long dresses are so high-maintenance and so dressy for a Sunday. I find long dresses to be the simplest thing to wear when it’s warm. They’re cooler than shorts and a t-shirt and classier than a teeny dress. And sometimes Sunday needs a little drama- especially in the form of a dress flowing behind you while you walk.



dress- H&M
shades- Fidget Finds vintage store (at SoWa market)

Listening to… “Strange and Beautiful” by Aqualung

I Taste, I Love

I’m still obsessing over maxi skirts for hot weather. They are such a good ventilation system. This is another dress worn as a skirt- perfect for getting that floor-sweeping length I’m crazy about.

Picture1 550

Picture1 551

Picture1 552

Picture1 558
Hi! Calliope here. I’m wicked cute, right? Yeah I know- I am fucking adorable. Thanks for noticing.

skirt- forever21 dress
shirt- urban outfitters
two finger snake ring- aldo
snake ring- kenneth jay lane
Listening to… “Eye” by Smashing Pumpkins

I want you just exactly like I used to

This morning I woke up with a clear vision of my outfit. A strapless yellow and grey flowered dress with light grey tights and platform sandals and maybe a belt. And then I tried it on and it was a total disaster.

Then I remembered this awesome outfit on Krystal from This Time Tomorrow. It’s a skirt, no it’s a dress! It… was completely and totally copied by me. To me, that’s the best part of this whole crazy blogging business- instant inspiration that translates to real life in a way fashion editorials never could.

Krystal, lookin’ good

I might have done better choosing another dress to try this with. The dress is short sleeved and a little loose, so it required pinning to stay on my waist. Then I had these unsightly lumps. Long story short, There’s a lot of layering going on in this outfit.

Picture1 379

Picture1 387

top- forever21
blazer- h&m
sneakers- puma
Listening to… “I Want You” by Kings of Leon