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And in the end we shall achieve in time the thing they call Divine

Sometimes the best part of my day is my 90’s Alternative Mix on Spotify. Hence the Spacehog lyrics for my post title. I wore this yesterday- the rainy weather necessitated tall boots and the fact that this dress was sitting in my closet with the tags still on it necessitated wearing it even on a rainy day. I saw a nearly identical dress on Zara’s website and fell in love. Then I saw this version at Forever21 and realized love is a fickle, fickle thing.



sweater- H&M
dress- Forever21
boots- Rocket Dog


I tend to share my manicures mostly on Instagram, but this one took me so damn long that I want everyone to see it!


What I’m Loving Now

My fake nails

Girls, let’s have some real talk. My nails are a mess. Not because they can’t grow (OPI Nail Envy is a great strengthener) but because the second they do grow in, I rip them off. Apparently, it’s a thing called skin picking and it likely means I’m minutes away from a nervous breakdown. It definitely means my hands are awful to look at. Thanks to pinterest, I’m obsessed with pretty manicures. So I got my nails did. These are full-on acrylic nails and since I got them relatively short, they look pretty good. If you’re in Boston, head to Treasured Hands for your fakies. These are without a doubt, the most realistic fake nails I’ve ever gotten. They even fooled my mom!


Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lipbalm

So. Freaking. Cool. It’s a lip stain in a lipstick form. Now, it’s marketed as a sheer lipstick, but it has no shine (yay!) leaves a strong tint on my lips, and isn’t moisturizing, although it’s not at all drying. It’s the perfect product for making my lips look healthy and polished without loads of heavy lipstick. One or two coats gives a nice tint, and if you slather it on, it becomes a full-on lip stain akin to drinking red wine. My only beef is that it supposedly comes in 4 different shades, but they all turn the same coral-y red shade on me. Maybe lighter-skinned ladies will have better luck in terms of color?


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I’m almost sad about the end of winter and my eventual tan from the warmer weather. Why? Because this stuff is awesome and at my absolute palest, I just match the darkest shade (#31). In commercial speak, this is a primer, foundation/tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen in one. In reality, it’s a very thin foundation that covers beautifully, leaves a satin (not matte but not dewy) finish, feels like nothing on, and has 42SPF. It’s not available in stores yet, but they seem to offer pretty good deals on the website, so I highly recommend giving it a try.


HANA Titanium Flat Iron

This is the only product that was sent to me for review, and I’m loving it! My first flat iron, a Chi, lasted more than 7 years and my current flat iron, a GHD, is fantastic. So I have high expectations for flat irons, and this one didn’t disappoint. First of all, it came with all sorts of goodies in the box, including a special hair towel, brush, eyelash curler, and nail files. I first thought Misikko was trying to woo me, but apparently they put that shit in every package they send out. Very cool! The flat iron itself is smooth, easy to handle and (my favorite part) comes with a temperature control. Considering how hot they can get, I really like being able to adjust the heat to a level that straightens my hair without frying it. It takes a little longer to heat up than my GHD, but it also cools down quickly for easy storage. I would definitely recommend it!

What I’m Loving Now… November Edition

It’s been over a year since I’ve done one of the posts! Whoops. And it’s certainly not because I stopped trying out new makeup, skincare, and hair products. I’m going to get back to doing these mini reviews since I have plenty of great products to share with you.


Nars sheer glow liquid foundation
Did you take advantage of Sephora’s recent friends and family discount? I sure did! I heard great things about Nars Sheer Glow foundation so I got a sample of it before committing to a huge bottle. I really, really love this. I use Sephora’s foundation brush to put it on (a previous What I’m Loving Now winner) and it covers all the little bumps that have popped up recently but still looks like skin. Despite being recommended for dry skin, this doesn’t look shiny on my oily skin even after hours of wear.


Smashbox limitless eye liner long wear
I also got Smashbox’s Limitless eye liner and I’m super impressed. I’ve tried plenty of so-called long lasting eyeliners to use on my waterline and every single one has faded, slid down my face, or sucked in some other way. This eyeliner goes on and stays on, yes, even on my waterline. All day. There is some migration, especially in the outer corners, but it’s much less than I experience with other liners and it’s easily cleaned up with a tissue or q-tip.


Bobbi Brown pale pink powder blush
I am a devotee of Nars powder blush. On the rare occasion I want a new blush I usually just turn to Nars. So I was surprised when I fell in love with Bobbi Brown’s powder brush in pale pink. Even though it looks very bright, it goes on sheerly and brightens my skin and looks natural and just plain pretty. I’ve heard that it’s great on all skintones, so my pigmently-challenged friends should check it out too.


Sephora Collection creme lipstick
You’ve probably noticed I’ve been wearing a red lipstick pretty often in my outfit pictures. I probably mentioned Sephora’s lipstick in It Girl before, but it has to be included here because it’s such a great color. It’s the most intense red-orange shade with a finish between matte and shine (not gloss). It veers to red on my skin, but I imagine it’d be a punchy, fun tangerine on someone with paler skin. It’s so pigmented that it tends to stain my lips but I love that quality. On the days I just want a hint of color, I put it on, then wipe off most of it and I’m left with a pretty red tint to my lips. Oh and FYI, the color in the picture is not It Girl.


Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday nail polish
Lastly, I have a nailpolish for you. Despite having pathetic little nubbins for nails I have a serious nailpolish collection and switch colors like, 4 or 5 times a week. I finally ponied up for Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday polish, because… well, look at it! It’s like prozac in a bottle! I like to wear just one coat over a robin egg’s blue (China Glaze For Audrey), so my nails look like they’ve been lightly sequined. I showed this manicure to a coworker who said “My five year old daughter would love that.” I consider that the highest compliment.

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter

Yawn. It’s been unseasonable cold here, which has led me to have the conversation with myself that always occurs around November/December.
“Why the fuck am I still here?”
“Snow is bullshit, man. This blows.”
“Screw this, I’m getting on a plane tonight. I don’t care if I have to sell my body on the streets when I arrive in California.”

On the plus side, my rich plum lipstick suits the drab weather perfectly.

I do have one reason to smile- I finally got my hands on Lippmann’s Superstar nail polish. I stalked it for months and yes, it was worth the wait.

Please forgive my ragged cuticles.

The closest Chloe kitten comes to smiling. She usually just stares at me like she’s caught me doing something extremely naughty and she’s judging me like a minister’s wife.

sweater- old navy
leggings- j.crew
boots- jeffrey campbell
necklace- my mom
listening to… “Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles