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(Not so) Fancy Pants

The last few times I’ve worn these pants, I’ve paired them with dressier tops and shoes. This time I wanted to do something more casual. But still obnoxiously colorful. That’s just how I roll. Oh and say goodbye to the ponytail. My next outfit photos will feature my new haircut!


DSC_0449 edited2



shirt- TJ Maxx
pants- H&M
shoes- Nine West
necklace- J.Crew knockoff from Ebay

Better Safe than Sorry

I love these pants. They somehow manage to look really flattering despite being a giant colorful flower pattern all over my ass and thighs. But I don’t wear them often. Why? A friend of mine relayed a horror story about her friend’s pair splitting up the back seam one day while out and about. Now, this is one of my greatest fashion-related fears. While in high school (at a dance!) my new black pants split right up the butt seam, leaving my thong covered bum exposed to the world. Horrifying does not even begin to explain it. I never bought pants from that store again. I also stopped dancing so vigorously in crowded areas.

So when I decided to wear these pants today, I made sure I had a contingency plan: a knee-length trench coat, and enough money to buy some new pants if needed. I’m just covering my butt bases!

h&m floral pants Also, Calliope says “Hi! Please rub my face!”

DSC_0259 Chloe says “Get off my porch.”

shirt- Lands End Canvas
pants- H&M
shoes- Nine West
necklace- DIY

I Hope We Meet in the End

On Thursday evening, a friend lent me The Hunger Games trilogy. I had only planned to read the first book so I could follow the story when I go see the movie. Instead, I spent 90% of the entire weekend glued to my bed and plowed through all three books. Now I really can’t wait to see the movie!

So the weekend wasn’t filled with amazing outfits (although I did take a brief break to meet Dina and Amber for lunch and had more fun than should be humanly allowed). So…here’s what I wore last week.


shirt and jeans- Gap
necklace- Ebay knock-off of J.Crew
shoes- Nine West


shirt- Martin & Osa
jeans- Tory Burch
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Long and Black

It feels almost sacrilegious to put up a picture of myself in a sweater when it’s beautiful outside right now and the sun is shining. But I am way behind on my outfit photos, so I’m starting with the first one from Monday. Yes, it’s Sunday. I am that far behind!

So this is my first outfit photo set-up at my parent’s place. And I guess it’ll do the trick for now, although my parents have such lovely artwork and decor that I should look for some new places to take pictures.

One last thing- if you wear a long black skirt with a long black jacket, people will look at like you’re a witch. Trust me on this.

A Stylized Hysteria black maxi skirt and sweater

skirt- Eileen Fisher via The Swapaholics clothing swap
sweater- Forever21
shoes- Nine West

Gobble, gobble

I have since recovered from a delicious Thanksgiving dinner spent with friends that are really more like my family. It was so much food that I needed all of yesterday to recover. Seriously. No Black Friday shopping. I can’t believe it either.

Last Thanksgiving, I realized that long skirts and dresses in jersey are the best thing for overeating. There are no zippers, nothing to constrict me; in fact, there’s plenty of room for my food belly to expand.

shearling coat long skirt outfit

long skirt casual outfit

h&m maxi skirt sweater outfit

h&m maxi skirt flat suede boots nine west


I’m also taking this opportunity to share all the layering required for me to leave the house. The beige thing I’m pulling off my arm is actually an elbow-length glove. My giant knit hat is in my purse.

Also, dig my awesome boots. I first saw them in Free People and nearly forked over $200 for them at the beginning of fall. On Tuesday I snuck out of the office for some fresh air, somehow ended up in Marshalls and found them for $80. Holla!


coat- H&M
gloves- Gap
scarf H&M
sweater- H&M
sweater vest- Topshop
skirt- H&M
boots- Boutique Nine (Nine West company)