Better Safe than Sorry

I love these pants. They somehow manage to look really flattering despite being a giant colorful flower pattern all over my ass and thighs. But I don’t wear them often. Why? A friend of mine relayed a horror story about her friend’s pair splitting up the back seam one day while out and about. Now, this is one of my greatest fashion-related fears. While in high school (at a dance!) my new black pants split right up the butt seam, leaving my thong covered bum exposed to the world. Horrifying does not even begin to explain it. I never bought pants from that store again. I also stopped dancing so vigorously in crowded areas.

So when I decided to wear these pants today, I made sure I had a contingency plan: a knee-length trench coat, and enough money to buy some new pants if needed. I’m just covering my butt bases!

h&m floral pants Also, Calliope says “Hi! Please rub my face!”

DSC_0259 Chloe says “Get off my porch.”

shirt- Lands End Canvas
pants- H&M
shoes- Nine West
necklace- DIY

Best of What I Wore in 2011

I hope the holidays have treated you well, which in a fashion blogger’s world means gifts of the cotton, silk, cashmere, silver, diamond, and/or platinum persuasion. My family totally came through with items from my wish list, leopard print goodies, and the brightest pink nail polish I’ve ever seen. And the gatos totally came through and gifted me some platform pumps and a sequined shirt. And all I got them was some wrapping paper and boxes!

As we get closer to the end of the year, I find myself especially excited for 2012. This year has been a long one, with some good points and some very tough episodes for my family to deal with. There was also quite a bit of shopping this year. OMG, so much shopping.

While I’m looking forward to the new year, I’m also excited about looking back at what I wore in 2011 and which outfits were my favorite. I’ll also have a post up soon on my favorite skincare/haircare/beauty finds of the year. So, in no particular order…my favorite outfits from 2011! Did I miss your favorite outfit of mine from the year?


This is the most recent outfit of the bunch. I love the funky tights, (faux) leather, and chunky rings.


Pink. Peeeenk. I looked for this particular shade of pink for years and finally found it this year. It was worth the wait.


My favorite dress of 2011. Pretty, swingy, colorful.


Again, more pink (seeing a theme here?). Mostly I love the peter pan collar  and the particular shade of mushroom grey of my shirt.


my favorite work outfit of the year. Feminine, but still professional.


A vintage find. I was definitely having a princess moment!


My second favorite work outfit. My love is grey is slowly overtaking my love of pink in this trip down memory lane.


My first outfit of 2011! I love this one because it’s so comfortable and subtly sparkly (the tights have glitter thread throughout).



Fashion’s Night Out

If you’re into reading fashion blogs, then you’re probably aware that this past Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out. It’s best described as an almost-holiday created to support the economy by encouraging people to come out and shop. While people were certainly out and about, I didn’t see much shopping. But I did see lots of free booze, stores open late, dj’s, live bands, photoboths, diamonds, and faux hair.

Boston really embraced FNO this year by shutting down our iconic Newbury Street to traffic and lighting the Prudential Tower pink. The chance to walk down the middle of Newbury Street, surrounded by well-dressed men, women, and the occasional dog would have been enough to make my night, but there was plenty more.



I joined a FNO Crawl, and like I said on Facebook, it’s like a pub crawl but better because there’s clothes and shopping and the champagne is free. We (led by the wonderful Boston Fashionista) started in the Copley Mall and Tiffany’s, where I tried on engagement rings. No, I’m not engaged. And even if I were, my chances of getting a Tiffany’s diamond are between slim and “more likely to be eaten alive by Mothra.” Having said that, fuck me, are those diamonds amazing. I might have to start dating up.



Tiffany’s also had a photo booth set up and we tried to answer the age old question of how many bloggers you can fit in a picture. The answer is 4 and a 1/2 but if we hadn’t been wearing such crazy shoes, it probably could’ve been 5.


The next highlight was a stop at Salon Acote, where I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream. A while back I had blue streaks in my hair, but between the relaxing, bleaching, and styling, my hair wasn’t happy. But I still wanted to try hot pink streaks. Well, the amazing staff at Salon Acote was offering free extensions through the night. I happily got 2 small clusters of deep red and a cluster of light blonde, which will be dyed hot pink tonight. I’m that much closer to becoming my childhood hero, Jem.

All Saints had a performance by Bombay Bicycle Club earlier in the night, which I’m pissed to have missed since they’re supposed to be pretty cool. But they had a flipbook station. You stand in front of a camera for 6 seconds, act silly, and 15 minutes later you get a flipbook. This was a source of much delight!

There was much more going on, including an after-party that I missed due to extreme lameness (i.e., living in the burbs with no car) but all in all, it was a great night. And I looked pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself. Minus the greasy do.



DSC_7734 sweater- Gap
leopard shirt- H&M
skirt- Gary Graham
tights- H&M
boots- Forever21
pearl collar- H&M

Considering how much my feet hurt by the end of the night I am both shocked and impressed by my ability to keep my shoes on long enough to take these photos when I got home. The things I do in the name of narcissism fashion. The skirt is another find from the Stel’s sale (of the century) and every time I say pearl necklace out loud, I giggle.


A little while ago I mentioned that I got a great faux fur coat, and I finally got a chance to wear it and photograph it. I first saw it in October at a Boldfacer’s event and fell in love. I followed the shopping rule that everyone says you should- I walked away and gave it 24 hours to see if I still loved it. And 3 days later, I was still obsessing and went to Lit Boutique to get it. And I’m still obsessed with it!

faux fur coat

I wore this Thursday night to the Pretty. Eventful. charity fashion show, which was a blast because 1) the outfits (from Turtle in the South End) were great, 2) the model’s bouffants have me now trying everything possible to make my hair MASSIVE, 3) I got to meet some more boston-based bloggers who were very cool, and 4) I won a very generous gift card to Union Bar and Grille! My first thought was “I’m going to take a date out on the most awesome dinner date ever, and he’ll have to put out.” Then I thought that it’d be nice to get my parents out of the ‘burbs to enjoy a nice night out. Yep, I’m a good daughter.

helmut lang tee with cropped pants

Please notice the new table, which the cats have decided is their new lookout post. I love it. Love it!

Picture1 049

Picture1 053

So all the plants have been transferred to the other side of the wall. I feel like I need to redecorate so the rest of my apartment matches my cool new table.

Picture1 047

UPDATE: It seems I’m not the only one who thinks a snakeskin silver side table is a great idea! For those who asked, I got the table at Homegoods in Braintree, MA. It was the only one in the store and didn’t have a label or brand name, unfortunately. However, Homegoods is a great place to find oneoff’s like the table so I highly recommend checking out your local one.

coat- Lit Boutique
shirt- Helmut Lang via TJ Maxx
pants- Gap
shoes- Enzo Angiolini