I know a place where no cars go

After Arcade Fire won the Grammy this year, someone created a tumblr with all the tweets from people who had never heard of them who were outraged that Justin Bieber hadn’t won. My favorite comments were the ones asking “Who’s The Suburbs and why did some stupid album called Arcade Fire win?” I only bring this up because I recently created an Arcade Fire station on Pandora and I’ve been enjoying the mix quite a bit.

So… yellow tights. I got a ton of crazy looks yesterday when I wore this outfit. People in Boston act like they’ve never seen a grown woman dress like a British schoolgirl before.

mustard yellow tights brown oxfords

american apparel tights and button down shirt

shirt- American Apparel
skirt- Club Monaco
tights- American Apparel
shoes- Steve Madden

Long and Black

It feels almost sacrilegious to put up a picture of myself in a sweater when it’s beautiful outside right now and the sun is shining. But I am way behind on my outfit photos, so I’m starting with the first one from Monday. Yes, it’s Sunday. I am that far behind!

So this is my first outfit photo set-up at my parent’s place. And I guess it’ll do the trick for now, although my parents have such lovely artwork and decor that I should look for some new places to take pictures.

One last thing- if you wear a long black skirt with a long black jacket, people will look at like you’re a witch. Trust me on this.

A Stylized Hysteria black maxi skirt and sweater

skirt- Eileen Fisher via The Swapaholics clothing swap
sweater- Forever21
shoes- Nine West

You want it all. You want it cheap. You want some peace. So you can sleep.

I am tingly with anticipation over here. Yes, tingly. In just a few months I will no longer be using my 6 year old ibook. Just. a. little. more. saving. And a nice refund from Uncle Sam!

This outfit is from last week. I have never worn so much yellow in my life. But now I like it.




cardigan- rodarte for target
shirt- forever21
cords- gap
oxfords- steve madden
Listening to… “Easy” by Morningwood

Aha Shake Taper Jean Girl with a Motel Face

I like today’s (well, yesterday’s) outfit better than the last one I posted. What’s been on your mind? I’ve been:

  • obsessively listening to Kings of Leon
  • avoiding doing laundry
  • eating desert before dinner
  • telling especially dirty jokes
  • missing my sister


blazer- Zara
button down shirt- J.Crew
pants- Gap
oxfords- Steve Madden
Listening to… everything ever released by Kings of Leon