Blurred Lines

[Let’s pretend I haven’t been MIA for months and get right back into it, shall we?]

I blame Holly. My gorgeous, farie-esque partner in crime has the most incredible fashion sense. She can combine a thousand and one elements into a single outfit and it’s awesome. But. Her taste in shoes often leaves me bewildered (is Frankenstein-chic a thing?). At this point, we’ve agreed to disagree about what goes on south of our ankles and consider it a pleasant surprise when we find a pair of shoes we both like. I suspect I’ve been spending too much time with my dear friend, because the line has been blurred. The line is shoes, by the way, not the summer smash hit that borrows a bit too much from Marvin Gaye.

I used to be sure. Now I look at a lug sole, a leather bootie with cutouts and chains, and I think…maybe? Yes. No! maybe. Point #1 on the blurred line: Ugly Good. As in “They are so ugly. I WANT THEM ON MY FEET RIGHT NOW!”

Shoes so ugly, they're good. Or something like that.

1) Walter Steiger, 2) Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal, 3) Jeffrey Campbell, 4) Zara

I can so imagine strutting around in those Jeffrey Campbell boots with leather leggings and a cape, pretending I’m an action hero in a post-apocalyptic America when in reality, I’m just grocery shopping.

Finding Simplicity

As I mentioned before, my shoe collection is lacking. Especially when it comes to flats. I’m picky. They need to show at least a touch of toe cleavage, they have to be well-made, and if they cut into the back of my heel I will set them on fire. Also, according to my sister I have “peasant” feet which probably makes it that much harder to find flats. Oh, and they have to be affordable. I’ll pony up for boots and gorgeous heels, but flats are so simple that I can’t bring myself to pay a lot for them.

So you can imagine my excitement at finding purrfect flats. Well, kind of. Lands End Canvas is the hipper, trendier off-shoot of Lands End. While perusing their sale rack (an extra 70% off of sale prices!) I found one pristine black flat. No embellishments, a solid bottom, and nicely low-cut in the front. I was determined to get them, even though the only other side I found was a half size too small. Hey, leather flats for $10? I’ll take it. I brought the smaller side to a cobbler, had it stretched, and now I’m in plain black flat heaven. That’s called thinking out of the (shoe) box, people!




Oh, yeah, there’s an outfit too.


button-down shirt- Express
top- American Apparel
skirt- H&M
flats- Lands End Canvas
necklace- DIY

A Shoe Moment

I am having a shoe moment. These days, I open my closet and I can’t see any glaring holes in it. I’m pretty well-stocked. I look at my shoe collection, however, and my brain goes


shoe collage 1


1. Alexander Wang Gabrielle- It’s like regular leather and patent leather had a beautiful baby. Mazel Tov!

2. Plomo Veronique- Great for spring. And summer. And fall. And winter.

3 and 6. Rebecca Minkoff Bettina- so pretty that I can’t decide on a color!

4. ONE by Marais USA- This phrase is practically a cliche at this point, but I gotta say it- These are so french chic!

5. Sam Edelman Yelena- I can imagine wearing these with everything.


Out with the Old, In with the New

I finally replaced one of my favorite pairs of shoes: my black ankle boots. It’s bittersweet because um, hi, they are awesome looking. However, they barely survived two years (and that includes multiple repairs). I feel like boots should last way longer than two years- am I asking too much (ahem, Jeffrey Campbell)?

Picture1 003


However, the newest members to my show family are just as awesome looking, more comfortable, and were on sale at Shopbop. Pretty much haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them.

Picture1 004
Sam Edelman “Parley” Boots

My Feet Want to Purr, Take 2

A little while back, I asked for your help in deciding between two leopard print shoes. Nearly everyone agreed that the heels rather than the sandals were a better choice. Well people, you were WRONG. These shoes hurt in a way that I have not experienced before. I’m still halfheartedly trying to break them in, but my itching for animal print hasn’t been properly satisfied yet. So, I bring you two more options that I need help deciding between.


Option 1: Kensie Girl Sila

They are very affordable (due to being faux leather). The shape looks pretty comfortable, but with the heel coming in at 4 inches, there’s definitely a potential for pain. What can I say? My feet are pussies. Hence finding cat print shoes (zing!).



Option 2: Matisse Nugent


First of all, named after Ted Nugent? Cool points have been awarded. The low wedge heel and ankle support of a bootie pretty much guarantee comfort. The pattern isn’t leopard per se, but it’s definitely some sort of animal of the cat family. These are by far the most expensive option, however.

So, what say ye? Don’t lead me wrong this time, internet. Otherwise I’m changing this blog to a poetry site dedicated to David Hasselhoff and Chuck Norris.