steve madden

The Clash

I’m sure more than one person thought I was colorblind when I wore this on Monday. Days later, I’m still trying to decide if this is a genius color pairing, or just a big  mess.


shirt and cords- Gap
shoes- Steve Madden
belt- Vintage

Casual Friday

Technically, my boss has never declared Fridays to be “casual Fridays.” But I like to read between the lines.

Earlier in the summer I was obsessed with making a pair of casual, baggy denim shorts. After a field trip to Goodwill, I found multiple pairs of men’s jeans that were perfect. A few of them were turned into traditional cutoffs, but I saved one pair to make my dream shorts- a little longer, loose, easy to wear, and perfectly faded. All for about $8!

shirt- Forever21
shorts- thrifted
necklace- J. Crew knockoff from ebay (shh!)
shoes- Steve Madden

Vintage Score

Yesterday was my father’s birthday, so I took him and my mother to Sowa open market, a great open-air market full of amazing foods, jewelry, artwork, and knick-knacks from independent sellers. There’s also great range of vintage sellers there. So yeah, I took my dad there for his birthday but it was kind of for me too.

I walked away from Gypsy Vintage’s stand with a lovely army green, boxy tee and was nearly out of earshot when my mother picked up a dress and said “oh, that’s pretty.” Of course I fell in love with it. After a bit of bargaining, we decided to “share” the dress. Which means that I snuck it into my closet with full intentions of wearing it right away. I love that my mother has such good taste!

How fun is this dress? Does it remind anyone else of Marc Jacobs or is that wishful thinking on my part? It’s a tent shape, so it’s hugely voluminous and could probably be belted. But I loved the casual feel of just letting it swing around. Seriously, it’s better than air conditioning!  I also wanted to share my new purse from TJ Maxx. Ever since  Boston Fashionista shared an article on facebook about the dangers of carrying large, heavy purses, I’d been on the lookout for something small and structured. This totally fit the bill.

I’m not a fan of Mondays, but starting the week with a pretty new dress has done wonders for my mood. I highly recommend it!



 dress- Gypsy vintage
shoes- Steve Madden
purse- TJ Maxx

Caught in the Act

First of all, thank you for all the wonderfully sweet comments on my post about my mother and my anniversary of moving home. Every single comment made me beam with pride for my mom. Thank you!

Now onto the clothes. Stripes are a classic that have been especially popular in the last few years, making it easy to find numerous striped pieces. But finding the perfectly sized stripes in the perfect color combination in the perfect fabric? Ugh. So. Hard. I don’t think this is my perfect striped sweater, but it comes pretty close. And since it’s so cute (and I’m so lazy), it got worn quite a bit this past week.


Exhibit A:


Monday afternoon, catching a little sun in the lovely warm weather. I wore another striped shirt under the sweater for contrast (and to cover my ass) and mixed things up a little more with this leopard print hat. I also posed like a frog.

See a familiar tail in the corner of this photo? It’s getting impossible to keep Chloe away from the camera!


Exhibit B:



Thursday for work. I added more stripes but stuck with the black and white theme. And again with Chloe! Clearly she wanted to show how well she matched my outfit.


Exhibit C:


Ok, this isn’t an outfit. But I suspected one of two felines were chomping on our houseplants. Bad Chloe!


Outfit 1
sweater- American Apparel
shirt- Topshop
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Steve Madden
hat- Target (sold out and bought via ebay)

Outfit 2
sweater- American Apparel
skirt- no name brand (but a similar skirt could be easily found at Forever21, I’ll bet)
boots- Report
necklace- H&M

Pastels and Hardware

This is one of my weirder outfits. It’s baby blue eyeshadow and giant spike earrings. Pastel jeans tucked into combat boots. I don’t even think it’s a case of opposing styles coming together, like leather and lace. No, it’s just a mismatch of my favorite things right now. Some women crave babies, or chocolate, or coffee. Lately I’ve been craving super bright baby blue eyeshadow. I can’t even begin to explain that craving!



This could not be a post of my favorite things without a cat somewhere, right?


As for the crazy spike earrings? A gift from the ever-creative Holly. Check out her blog soon for DIY instructions- apparently they’re easy to make!

sweater- Aiko
jeans- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden