Red, White, and Blues

I love my denim. I admire women who wear dresses and skirts all the time, but I love the comfort and ease of jeans. But my jeans collection has lost its luster. Seriously, every morning I go to grab a trusty pair of jeans and I feel ennui. I’ve worn these all before. They no longer excite me. Only Henri understands my malaise. But unlike Henri, I have a chance to swap out all my old jeans for new-to-me pieces at the July 18th Swapaholics denim swap. I think you should come. Especially if you’re a size 27 or 28. Not because I want your jeans, but because I will be bringing 5 or 6 pairs of awesome jeans. For you. Because I ate too much pizza care. Want to come? Want 25% off? Use discount code HYSTERIA when you purchase a ticket.

 See you there!



My Mithril

On Thursday, I attended my fourth clothing swap. It’s amazing that in less than a year, I’ve been able four different swaps, bring home bags and bags of new (to me) pieces that I genuinely love, and meet some very cool ladies.

I came home with less than I normally do, but I’m quite excited about what I got, which includes cognac-colored flatforms, a hot pink safari shirt, and a white shirt with the puffiest sleeves ever.


h&m silver sweater


When my friend Lei Ann saw my sweater, she declared it my mithril. For those of you who aren’t total science fiction geeks like us, mithril is the name for chainmail from Lord of the Rings.


h&m silver sweater
Oh, my mithril. It’s so heavy!!

For more photos from the night, check out my facebook page.

sweater- H&M
shirt- J.Crew (swapped)
skirt- Gap
boots- Miz Mooz

Long and Black

It feels almost sacrilegious to put up a picture of myself in a sweater when it’s beautiful outside right now and the sun is shining. But I am way behind on my outfit photos, so I’m starting with the first one from Monday. Yes, it’s Sunday. I am that far behind!

So this is my first outfit photo set-up at my parent’s place. And I guess it’ll do the trick for now, although my parents have such lovely artwork and decor that I should look for some new places to take pictures.

One last thing- if you wear a long black skirt with a long black jacket, people will look at like you’re a witch. Trust me on this.

A Stylized Hysteria black maxi skirt and sweater

skirt- Eileen Fisher via The Swapaholics clothing swap
sweater- Forever21
shoes- Nine West

I Don’t Care if it Hurts I Wanna Have Control

As a Capricorn, I’m supposed to be a bit of a control freak. I’m not. It sounds like a lot of work. I prefer to pretend that I don’t care about how things turn out because if something goes wrong, it’s not my fault. That’s much healthier, right? Despite it being the holiday season, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed.

I do find that new clothes help with stress, especially free clothes! This shirt and jeans are from The Swapaholics clothing swap I mentioned before. I know, it’s not the most exciting outfit, but I spent the day walking around and wanted to be comfortable.

outfit white button down shirt grey jeans boots


I went to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and left with this cool…thing. It’s supposed to be a table runner- there are matching placemats available. But currently it’s hanging on my bedroom wall and looks great. I don’t have a dining table, anyway.


MAC Charteuse pigment

MAC chartreuse pigment. My sister hated it, but I’m sort of obsessed with this shade.


shirt- J.Crew via The Swapaholics
tank- Zara
jeans- Helmut Lang via The Swapaholics
boots- Boutique 9


Listening to… “Creep” by Radiohead

I Felt Like a Winner!

On Thursday night, The Swapaholics hosted a swap in Downtown Crossing. After getting some really nice pieces from the previous swap, I was beyond excited to attend again! This time the swap was much smaller (200 people as compared to the 400 who went during Boston Fashion Week), the space was much bigger, and there were fitting rooms to try on the goods. I covered the swap for New Brahmin and went in early to get photos of the clothes before the carnage.