DIY: Spiked Sandals

I’ve waxed poetic about my love of spikes before, so when I came across this DIY from Fashion after Breakfast, I got really excited! So excited, in fact, that I immediately went to Target to get the sandals and to get the spikes. Sidenote: telling friends you’re waiting on an order from studs and spikes is hard to do without giggling.


It was incredibly easy to go from this:
to this:



It took me about an hour using a random pair of scissors to poke holes for the studs, which screw in. I used size 13 and 16 spikes.



I started with a spattering of spikes, then decided more is more and more is better.



Are you going to give it a try?

Caught in the Act

First of all, thank you for all the wonderfully sweet comments on my post about my mother and my anniversary of moving home. Every single comment made me beam with pride for my mom. Thank you!

Now onto the clothes. Stripes are a classic that have been especially popular in the last few years, making it easy to find numerous striped pieces. But finding the perfectly sized stripes in the perfect color combination in the perfect fabric? Ugh. So. Hard. I don’t think this is my perfect striped sweater, but it comes pretty close. And since it’s so cute (and I’m so lazy), it got worn quite a bit this past week.


Exhibit A:


Monday afternoon, catching a little sun in the lovely warm weather. I wore another striped shirt under the sweater for contrast (and to cover my ass) and mixed things up a little more with this leopard print hat. I also posed like a frog.

See a familiar tail in the corner of this photo? It’s getting impossible to keep Chloe away from the camera!


Exhibit B:



Thursday for work. I added more stripes but stuck with the black and white theme. And again with Chloe! Clearly she wanted to show how well she matched my outfit.


Exhibit C:


Ok, this isn’t an outfit. But I suspected one of two felines were chomping on our houseplants. Bad Chloe!


Outfit 1
sweater- American Apparel
shirt- Topshop
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Steve Madden
hat- Target (sold out and bought via ebay)

Outfit 2
sweater- American Apparel
skirt- no name brand (but a similar skirt could be easily found at Forever21, I’ll bet)
boots- Report
necklace- H&M

At Least There Weren’t Wolves Around

A while back, I watched a horror movie called Frozen. It’s about 3 kids who get stuck in a chair lift after the ski resort has closed down for a long weekend. So, they’re stuck, like, 30 feet in the air and understandably freaked out. Then one of the guys decides to try and jump down to go for help. Dude jumps and attempts to land on his feet. Of course, he breaks both of his legs and his girlfriend and BFF are forced to watch him get eaten alive by wolves since he can’t run away. When I saw this, I thought “WTF? He’s so DUMB! Everyone knows when you’re falling, you should try to land flat instead of on your hands or feet.” Then I congratulated myself for being safe in bed and not being eaten alive by wolves. Fast forward to this week. I find the only patch of ice in Massachusetts (seriously, this is the mildest winter ever) and fall. hard. I try to catch myself with my left arm and end up with a fractured elbow. I now have a little sympathy for Mr. Jump and Land Feet First. But hey, at least there weren’t wolves around when I fell!


All of this is to say that I have no outfit posts this week. I’m healing quite well and can still type, but putting on clothes and doing my hair is a little difficult. but that’s okay. the Jason Wu for Target lookbook has been released. And it has cats. The collections are generally hit or miss with me; and that’s before seeing the (usually disappointing) fabrics in real life. But this collection has some lovely dresses, sweaters, and accessories. I might even line up for this release. As long as the line isn’t in a ski lift with ravenous wolves below me. No. You know what? I’d risk it. Especially for that striped dress and cat scarf!


You can see the whole collection on Target’s Facebook page.