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Oh, You Think I’m in Control?

I am always excited about wearing brown and black together, simply because so many people feel that mixing the two is akin punching a stranger in the face (i.e., a terrible, terrible thing to do). But those peeps are wrong, wrong, wrong. Black and brown go together so well, especially in silky fabrics that really bring out the depth of each color. And, because I cannot get dressed without incorporating some bright colors, I added a Native-American inspired necklace from Forever21. And can we talk hair for a second? On Fashionism (my second home based on how much time I spend there), there was discussion that holding your clampless iron vertically rather than at an angle results in really nice waves. Gash darnit, they are right!





shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Gary Graham
shoes- Forever21
necklace- Forever21


Lastly, my latest manicure. I was trying for ink blot nails, but I keep getting “Cow print, huh? That’s…interesting.” At least I like them?


I am One of those Melodramatic Fools

Finally, after owning it for a year, I wore my leather tank top. Originally purchased from Shopbop during one of the summer clearance sales, it was love at first sight despite my inability to uh…fill it in. A few months ago I brought it to a tailor who did a great job taking it in and also somehow made it fit in a way that makes me look almost busty.

I wore it last Saturday to a clothing swap (where I found some goodies!) and I rocked my first arm party. Multiple arm parties, actually, because I know how to have a good time.

Picture1 116

Picture1 132

Picture1 136

Picture1 138

shirt- Iro

shorts- swapped jeans cut into shorts

sandals-Urban Outfitters

Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything

Well, I’ve been having a hell of a week. How about you? Amid a blizzard and a crazy work schedule, I’ve been in real estate hell. When your landlord takes the ceiling out of your shower stall without replacing it, it’s time to move. Right? Right. So I’ll be trekking through Boston for the next few days, visiting any and all open apartments I can find. Wish me luck!

Since I’m not wearing a snowsuit and mittens, I think it’s pretty clear these photos were taken at the beginning of the week.

casual outfit gap blazer steve madden boots


multiple necklaces

The necklaces are all gifts, two of them from my sister. The necklace with the “N’ charm is passed down from my grandmother, who’s name also begins with N.


blazer- J.Crew
shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Gap
boots- Steve Madden

Break the Lock if it Don’t Fit

outfit sweatshirt pleated skirt feminine

Did you see Florence and the Machine on SNL this past weekend? She did two great performances of the most popular singles. I was struck by how strong and beautiful her voice is and how awesome her legs are. I wish I could find stills because the lady’s got some stems on her!

Today’s outfit does not include any of my awesome finds from the clothing swap last week, but I woke up with a clear idea of taking a somewhat casual sweatshirt and pairing it with a feminine and dressy skirt. If I had realized today was going to be hot, I would have worn platform sandals with a pair of cute ankle socks. I think the boots still work pretty well, though. Oh, and this really is today’s outfit! It’s a miracle, considering how far behind I usually am with outfit posts!


dress- J.Crew
sweater- Urban Outfitters
boots- Report Signature
ring- J.Crew


Listening to… “Kiss with a Fist” by Florence and the Machine