Ugh Winter

I want to make a line of winter hats that say “I’m not really this fat. I’m just wearing a ton of layers. Winter, ya’know?”

Some of you may know that I’m not a born and bred ‘merican. I was born in the Caribbean, spent a few years in Chile, and then was plopped in Boston just in time to enter grade school. I wasn’t made for this weather! Doesn’t matter than I’ve been here 20+ years, my genes ache for the humidity and heat of the tropics. So in the winter, I layer. I’m talking long johns or fleece stockings, thick socks (or two if I can get away with it), pants, and knee high boots. Not to mention a tank top, a long sleeved undershirt, and a sweater. At least. Skirts require two pairs of fleece tights and thigh-high socks. And yes, this is all topped off with my Michelin Man puffy coat.

Right around this time of the year, I get real tired of it. The layers, the pants that won’t zip because I’ve stuffed two other pants underneath them, and feeling like I might Hulk out of my coat because I’m wearing four or five shirts. So…this is what you wear when you can’t bear the thought of anymore layers and you just want to wear your skinny jeans without feeling like a busted can of biscuits. Look, that’s the smile of someone whose thighs aren’t crying.

Surprise! I'm only wearing knee high socks under here!

sweater – Vince
tee – American Apparel
jeans – Levi’s
necklace – vintage
sneakers – DSW

The Clash

I’m sure more than one person thought I was colorblind when I wore this on Monday. Days later, I’m still trying to decide if this is a genius color pairing, or just a big  mess.


shirt and cords- Gap
shoes- Steve Madden
belt- Vintage

If I hadn’t made me, I would’ve been made somehow

This shirt has been sitting in my closet for months now. I kept telling myself that I was waiting for a special event to wear it. But this morning I realized I was breaking one of my few style rules, which is to not wait to wear something I love. Clothes should be worn and enjoyed, not relegated to your closet to wait for their moment to shine. So I threw it on, pinned the top for modesty’s sake (although, considering how dateless I’ve been lately, maybe I shouldn’t have), and added some casual jeans and sandals.


pants- H&M
shoes- DIY (here for instructions)
earrings- vintage (thanks mom!)

Out of Words

I’m sorry! I am many, many days late to announce the winner of the Shopbop giveaway. Forgive me?

The lucky winner is…138, Stephanie. Congrats Stephanie! As a side note, I loved hearing about everyone’s recent purchases. I also want to go out and buy pretty much everything that was mentioned.

News alert: I got dressed. And I ran out of words.



And when I run out of words, I do this:


shirt- Forever21
belt- vintage
pants- Gap
sandals- Dolce Vita