This Weekend

Finally I can say that I’ve taken advantage of my folks being away. This weekend has been fun, fun, fun (we so excited). Starting Friday night with dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while that went until 2 am. Saturday afternoon I got a call from the Vince store in Copley mall. Apparently, I won the $250 gift card giveaway from Thursday night’s shopping event. Yay me!

Saturday evening concluded with a bachelorette party, starting at my house and moving on to The Paint Bar in Newton, a limo with champagne, and multiple bars. The Paint Bar is a nightly art class where you paint and drink. Trust me, this is a winning combination.



The theme for the night was Boston’s iconic Citgo sign. But like I said, they let you drink while painting and I came up with a slightly different take on it.


I am so happy with my artwork. I never knew I was such a talented artiste!

Oh, and when I put on my apron at class, I found this in the pocket. To say that’s a big lighter is like saying Kate Moss was a slightly successful model.

Definitely a winning weekend!