What I’m Loving Now

Hi there. Let’s pretend, for now, that I haven’t been MIA for the past month and a half. I’ve been keeping myself busy trying out all sorts of new products and makeup recently. Here are the few that have impressed me.



Vitafusion MultiVites

Yes, I know. Not makeup. Or skincare. But, I insist you all go out and buy gummy vitamins right now. Sure you could take regular vitamins, but swallowing stuff sucks.* I’ve been taking these and a gummy fish oil supplement for a while now and I am so freaking healthy. Strong like ox. I usually get a cold or feel sick-ish…every 10 days or so, but in the past few months I’ve only gotten sick once and it only lasted two days. All evidence points to these delicious vitamins as the cause of my health, unless pizza and Pinkberry have unknown, magical health properties.


Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer

Holly, who rarely raves about beauty products, insisted I try this out and as per usual, she was correct. It is awesomeness. My skin can handle acids, scrubs, and kitty tongue baths like a pro, but silicones make me break out. Every. Single. Time. This primer is silicone based but doesn’t make my skin itchy or break out. I even slept in it, just to test it properly. Not because I fell asleep watching reruns of Tales from the Crypt. I swear. Anyway, my skin looks absolutely airbrushed with this on, foundation lasts longer (and I use less), and I get less oily during the day. I don’t have any dark spots on my face, so I can’t vouch for its ability to diminish them. But I’d keep using this anyway just because I look so darn pretty with it on.


Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick

So, CVS and Target are like crack to me. I can’t just go by one, I have to go in, peruse the products, get excited over the sales and deals, and usually buy about $75 worth of stuff I don’t need. I grabbed this, expecting to be underwhelmed but wow! This lipstick is creamy, matte (but not drying), and yes, long-lasting. The color range is great, although I find the colors look darker on than in the tube. And they’re only $2.

* That’s what she said!